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   Chapter 2070 Meditation Underground

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The disciples and the followers in the secret place fought against the evil creatures with all their might. The fight was fierce but none of them cowered in the face of their wicked enemies.

At this moment, the Red Tide Palace became lonely in this vast empty land.

A huge tomb was lying quietly in the empty space. It was like a dead man on his deathbed.

Contrary to the wretched atmosphere shrouding the tomb, the air above it was filled with a divine and peaceful sheen of rosy sunlight.

Austin was sitting cross-legged under the red sunlight. He was meditating. He was completely immersed in comprehending the secrets of martial arts.

It had been two days that he was in this state.

He had been in the same posture motionlessly for the past two days.

However, though he was physically motionless, his spiritual soul seemed to have entered another space. It was accepting and comprehending the secret skills from the red demonic mouse.

Two days had passed that Austin stayed that way.

And now, Austin's eyelids suddenly twitched. Yet, he was still in the same meditation posture.

Finally, Austin opened his eyes. Then two rays of red lights shot out from them. They were so fierce that even the air quivered violently under the strange radiance.

Austin let out a deep breath which made him suddenly feel comfortable.

He then stood up to relax his numb limbs.

In the past few days, he had completely comprehended and mastered the secret skills of the red demonic mouse.

He had fully understood many martial arts laws including the great law of chaos.

Aside from that, he was able to comprehend and learn various powerful secret skills as well.

What surprised Austin more was that among the secret skills of the red demonic mouse, there was a very smart use of the forceful spatial power and spatial laws.

Austin guessed that because of the spatial power and spatial laws, the cultivation base of the red demonic mouse in the ancient times was by no means weaker than that of the gnome.

There might even be a possibility that the red demonic mouse was much stronger than the gnome in this regard.

Austin clearly felt that his current spatial power after comprehending the secret skills of the red demonic mouse became much stronger compared with the gnome.

When Austin felt that his body was already able to relax, he flew and landed directly in front of the tomb. He bowed before it respectfully.

"Thank you so much, sir!" said Austin politely.

Indeed, Austin felt sincerely grateful to the cultivator buried in the tomb.

He was fully aware that the secret skills of the red demonic mouse was as powerful as the Dragon Formula.

Therefore, Austin had one more trump up his sleeve from now on. His abilities had really improved a lot.

"It's time for me to leave now," murmured Austin to himself

to see the Earth Energy because he had practiced the Earth Formula with his master Godwin for a while when he was in the Prime Martial World.

The Earth Formula was a secret skill that could help a cultivator sense the Earth Energy. Moreover, he could even make use of the Earth Energy to fight against his enemies.

Now that Austin had mastered the secret skills of the red demonic mouse and could travel underground, he was able to finally see the existence and direction of the Earth Energy with his own eyes.

After seeing the Earth Energy this way, Austin had deeply comprehended the Earth Formula in an instant.

After all, mice were earth-related in nature.

It was only normal that many of the secret skills of the red demonic mouse were related to earth and soil.

While running at a lightning speed underground, Austin thought about the secret skills of the red demonic mouse and the Earth Formula again and again. He compared the two kinds of skills and drew useful references from each other.

Gradually, Austin was able to gather some insightful ideas.

"Earth... The soil is earthy... The Earth Energy..." murmured Austin to himself all the way.

He recited those words repeatedly while heading fast under the ground of the Astral World. He had never taken his gaze away from the yellow Earth Energy. He had seen it flowing at a certain direction and trajectory.

"It turns out the Earth Energy is the specific manifestation of the law power of the earth."

Austin had finally gotten the essence of the rule.

"Master Godwin's Earth Formula is so smart and profound. I didn't expect that it is a set of codes to interpret the laws of the earth," exclaimed Austin.

"However, with master's cultivation base, I don't think that he made the Earth Formula by himself. He must have obtained it from someone else."

Austin was deep in thought and then he came up with a conclusion.

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