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   Chapter 2069 The Arrival Of The Evil Creatures

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Updated: 2020-02-05 19:53

"Now, I get it. Although we have already broken the space barrier here, many powerful spatial laws are still protecting this place," said an extremely powerful evil creature.

"Even if our grand leader is here, it will still be useless because he will also find it difficult to get to that world."

There was a hint of disappointment in his voice.

The powerful evil creature felt bad that they couldn't get through even after breaking the space barrier.

"Yeah. Based on my observation, only weak evil creatures can go through the crack of this space barrier," added another evil creature.

"If strong creatures try to enter, they will be attacked by a more powerful spatial law force. Consequently, they will just die," he added.

This evil creature was good at fortune telling.

Apparently, the other evil creatures believed in what he had said.

"In that case, let's try to send some weak ones there to find out if the other side of the space is really the Immortal End World. After that, we can go back and report the results to them," said an evil creature who was about hundreds of meters tall.

His whole body was all covered with thorns.

"Yeah. And if the other side of the crack is really the Immortal End World, I believe that our grand leaders will find a way to bring us there," said another evil creature.


The other evil creatures agreed.

Soon enough, a group of weak evil creatures had been selected. The strong evil creatures explained what they would need to do and the purpose of their mission.

After everyone was informed, the weak evil creatures carefully walked into the big crack in the void.

The other evil creatures couldn't do anything but just wait for the result.

A few moments later, the weak evil creatures successfully came out at the other side of the crack and floated above the Astral World.

"Ha-ha! We did it!" they all shouted excitedly.

They were all overjoyed that they couldn't help laughing wildly.

"I can sense it. This is exactly the same aura of the legendary Immortal End World. I can't be wrong. This must be the Immortal End World!"

One of the weak evil creatures who were floating above the Astral World looked around and felt the surroundings.

The rest of the evil creatures did the same. Their eyes were shining with extreme joy.

The whole area was then shrouded by a strong demonic aura.

"I will immediately inform

few of them fled.

After all, they had a Lifesaving Teleportation Rune. Even if they would lost their lives here, they would be resurrected immediately.

The worst result could only be a failure in a mission.

In a moment, fierce battle broke out.

"Are you the creatures of the Immortal End World? Why are you so weak?" shouted an evil creature covered in tentacles while laughing out wildly.

He then released a powerful energy and his tentacles hit several students. They were immediately thrown into the air and exploded. Their flesh and blood spurted out in all directions.

Another evil creature turned himself into a giant. He grew until about a hundred meters high.

He looked down at dozens of students and followers nearby as if he was only watching some ants.

"Oh my god! These monsters are too terrifying! We are no match for them. This task is too difficult!"

The students and followers screamed in pain.

Eventually, they all died.

They died still believing that this was just another task given to them.

Among all of them, only the dozens of seeded students were able to barely deal with their enemies. Somehow, they had avoided being killed.

After all, these seeded students had practiced amazing secret skills. Their skills were way better than the other students and followers.

Moreover, the leaders of the four major schools had invested a great number of precious natural resources and high-grade pills in them to remodel their bodies on their first month at school.

Hence, they were much stronger than the ordinary students and followers of the four major schools.

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