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   Chapter 2068 The Evil Creatures From The Evil Abyss World

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 8213

Updated: 2020-02-05 19:53

Soon enough, the second trial to be done by the disciples and followers of the four biggest schools was announced by the white haired old man.

They were tasked to enter the Astral World to search for the legendary treasure hidden somewhere.

From what they were told, the treasure had something to do with real immortals.

Everyone was excited because of this task.

As soon as they were allowed to start, everyone began their journey to accomplish the second trial task which was to venture that secret place.

While everyone raced their way to execute the assignment given, Austin, who took in the secret inheritance of the red demonic mouse, was left in the Red Tide Palace.

Being one of the ten ancient chaotic creatures, the inheritance left by the red demonic mouse was considered to be immense. With that being said, Austin took his time to absorb and digest it.

While all this took place, something peculiar was happening somewhere else in the Astral World.


The sky, usually calm and serene, vibrated violently which resulted in a massive rupture in space.

Meanwhile, at the core of the colossal sky fissure, there was a dark and ominous-looking cave which looked very terrifying to anyone who would see it.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Moments later, the huge space hole trembled and thudded ferociously inside. It continuously distorted and warped itself further, which eventually cracked the initial gorge much larger.

What lay on the other side of the chasm in the chaotic void was a group of strange creatures emitted an extremely strong evil aura. They violently attacked the huge cavity in the sky.

Numerous evil creatures poured in, counting at least tens of thousands of them.

"Ha-ha, the space barrier in this area is really weak.

We have been searching for so many years! It hasn't been easy for us to find a barrier that is relatively weak.

As soon as the space barrier is broken and we get the proof that this is indeed the way to the Immortal End World, our task here is completed.

After that, we can finally return to our grand leaders!"

the creature, fifty to sixty meters in height and covered in a huge black cape, guffawed loudly.

Having a rather peculiar appearance, the creature had black sharp horns atop his head, and very dark skin which was almost pitch black. Huge tendons that resembled the dragons rolled and wriggled under his skin, which made the sound of

part of the crack.

He came deeper and deeper. And by the end of it, he reached the other side triumphantly.

Above the Astral World!

"Wow, I can sense the aura of this world.

It seems to be the aura of the Immortal End World!

We have found the right place!"

He grimaced.

Sticking his head out of the big crack, he wanted to enter this new world!

Just about the moment, half his body invaded the air of the Astral World when he felt something.

"No way!"

The creature was startled. His spiritual soul trembled and his hair stood on end as he sensed that he was in great danger.


Confused and bewildered, he roared and struggled as he tried to break his way into the Astral World. However, there were various unknown laws interwoven in the cracks of the void that blocked him.

As endless annihilation law and energy was taken in by his body, his face turned pale.


He screamed continuously, but his body was restrained and he could not move.

His forehead bone started to glow. In the Beast Soul Sea, his soul rushed out and wanted to escape. He had already felt something was wrong and his body could not withstand it.

As he remain motionless, the huge crack in the void was filled with light and mist and the chaos light shot out like the peerless sword radiance. It would definitely not let him escape.


His fist-sized soul cried in pain and exploded, and his body was burned to ashes instantly.

On the other end, tens of thousands of evil creatures in the chaotic void felt the creeps in their bodies.

A powerful creature among them had just died!

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