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   Chapter 2067 Accepting The Inheritance

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Inside the Red Tide Palace, the young man in red sent away the other disciples and followers.

Then he looked at Austin once again.

"Okay, I'll now pass my martial arts inheritance to you.

You need to study it carefully.

This might take a while. The whole process is about two to three days,"

the young man in red said.

"I will do my best! Thank you very much!"

Austin said with gratitude.

"In fact, I've already passed down some of my martial arts inheritance to my descendants.

However, their ability is not on par. Because of that, I'm afraid that our inheritance will be lost sooner or later.

That's why I decided to pass it to you.

My greatest wish is that my race's martial arts inheritance won't disappear in the world.

So later on, if you will encounter any descendants of our red demonic mouse with outstanding talent and ability, you have to pass down my inheritance to them.

Do you understand?"

the young man in red said to Austin.

"Got it, sir. Please rest assured that I will do as you said,"

Austin said.


said the young man in red.

The next moment.


Austin was startled when the young man in red suddenly exploded.

At the same time, the huge shadow of the red demonic mouse that floated above the tomb also exploded.

Then the sky was suddenly filled with thick red light spots that looked like a rain of red light.

The entire palace was taken up by an endless rain of red light.

Then Austin sensed a scent of savage air from the ancient times.

He suddenly felt weird. It seemed he had gone back in time way back when the world had just been created.

There was a boundless space of the universe that was cold and empty. It had countless suns, moons, and stars that appeared and disappeared continuously.

On the planets were all sorts of creatures that were going through the nonstop process of birth, growth, aging, and death.

Everything in the world followed this rule. They continuously went around and repeated the process.

This process demonstrated all kinds of laws.

Austin was like a spect

aused them too much humiliation.

The two elders and several stewards of the Blue Dragon School were also very shocked by Austin's power.

Now they understood why Anderson personally appointed him to enter the Blue Dragon School. It turned out that he was such a genius!

The two elders and several stewards of the Blue Dragon School all thought of this.

They also knew that Martin had obtained the inheritance of the red demonic mouse. So senior management of the school would definitely decide to promote him as a seeded disciple, and they would provide more resources and training for him once he returned to the school.

It was a leap on the social ladder to be promoted from a follower to a seeded disciple!

No one would oppose Martin's promotion as he had already proven himself with all of his achievements.

"Well, everyone, you have now completed the first trial in the Astral World at the Red Tide Land.

But our trip to the Astral World has just begun.

We still have more trials and tribulations for you to finish,"

an old man with grey hair said loudly.

All disciples and followers were refreshed by the white haired old man's words.

They still had more opportunities to improve their strength!

Although a follower named Martin stole the limelight during their first trial at the Red Tide Land, they still had a lot of chance to prove themselves in the following trials.

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