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   Chapter 2066 Acquiring The Inherited Secret Skills

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 8152

Updated: 2020-02-05 08:00

As the dragon claw swiped through the air towards the red mouse, the latter stretched out its red, huge paws and held back the attack.



After the claw had failed, the dragon turned and flew upwards. It was as large as the sky above them. It opened its mouth wide and strong winds came out.

The mouse reared on its hind legs in the opposite direction.

It seemed like the two were natural enemies, and they both would go to great lengths to kill each other.

"You know what? This is great! Young man, I never thought that after such a long time, I would witness an inherited secret skill of the dragon race in person.

I'm looking forward to this battle even more than I was before!"

the young man in red exclaimed, smiling viciously.

He knew he still had an advantage and he proved it a couple seconds later by enlarging the mouse until it was over ten thousand meters tall.

Everyone seemed to hold their breath as they waited for the battle to commence.

The atmosphere was suffocating and so quiet that one could hear a pin drop.

All of a sudden, the mouse reared up and let out a piercing squeal.

In response, the dragon growled, baring its large teeth.

At the same time, the two creatures pounced forward and made contact.

Gnashing its sharp teeth together, the giant mouse placed bite after bite into the dragon's thick hide.

Between bites, the giant dragon used its own teeth and claws to leave trails of blood in the mouse's fur.

Bang! Bang! People gasped in horror and awe as the creatures tried to defeat one another.

The dragon and mouse twisted and tangled in mid-air, causing space cracks all around the cultivators.

As if it had lost its patience, the mouse opened its mouth and spat out red demonic aura into the sky.

It shot straight upwards like a fountain before directing at the dragon like a red ocean wave.

Around the aura, winds crept up, blowing debris into the faces of everyone present.

The red demonic mouse was insanely aggressive and strong. Even if a Heavenly Grotto Realm master were to fight the mouse, he would run way;

however, the gigantic dragon stood its ground.


Through its yell, violent winds and bursts of ice leapt from the dragon's mouth.

It blocked the aura like a brick wall.


The whole battle ring began shaking under the pressure.

Several people stumbled and some even

However, they had no choice but to stand there and watch.

At this point, no one dared to object because Austin had defeated the young man in red all by himself.

He was clearly a force that shouldn't be reckoned with.

"As for the rest of you, there is no point in standing around.

I'll transfer you all out now,"

the young man in red said while looking at the students and followers on the platform.

Before any of them could object, he waved his hand and a bright light shone from it.

The next moment, everyone found themselves wrapped by a strong force and sent away.

'Are we just leaving like this?

Is the secret skill of the red diabolic mouse going to be in the hands of that follower named Martin Xiao?' they thought, frustrated but unable to do anything.

Almost everyone was sour about Austin getting the skills.

Only Violet, Caroline, the gnome and Austin's other friends felt happy for him.

They all landed on the edge of the abyss above where the Red Tide Palace was located.

It felt disappointing to be back there again, having gained nothing.

After a moment, people began to turn around and flew away.

The dice had been cast and it was meaningless for them to stay there and wait.

Nothing would change for them at this point.

'Humph! You've got my attention, Martin Xiao.

Don't think that you can keep the secret skills of the red diabolic mouse to yourself forever!

We'll come after them soon enough!'

Some of them, however, ground their teeth and a ferocious look appeared in their eyes.

Obviously, they were unwilling to give up!

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