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   Chapter 2065 The Battle Between Giant Dragon And Giant Rat

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After fighting for a while, things weren't looking good for Austin. The young man in red was ruthless and ran around the battle ring, taunting and jeering at him.

In his head, Austin counted all the assets he had: strong physical strength, the Five Elements Dominant Swordsmanship, the Spiritual Pot, the Nine Flaming Stelae Array, the Blazing Divine Palm, the Infernal Scripture, and more. It didn't make any sense to him; all of these treasures were so powerful and they had never let him down before.

As he looked at the young man in red, he came to terms that he didn't have the upper hand in this battle. In fact, the young man in red looked relaxed, like he was on a beach somewhere. He hadn't shown Austin his best cards yet and that worried Austin even more.

"This is amusing. You are a powerful opponent but your attempts are still futile.

No matter how hard you fight, there isn't a chance you will win my martial arts inheritance,"

the young man said, and he was only inches away from sticking out his tongue in mockery. Austin tensed.

"Come on!"

Austin yelled, lifting his arms.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Out of Austin's elixir field, four enormous, golden light balls emerged. They floated above his head and caught on fire, illuminating the area around him in orange.

The four balls began spinning around Austin at high speed so that the flames surrounded him like a blur. He looked like a god standing in the ring.


It appeared that the balls hadn't fazed the young man because he quickly fired back. Before long, they had both began fighting again.

Drips of sweat ran down Austin's back as he struggled to keep up with the young man's strength and power.

As a result of the two's power, the battle ring was filled with giant waves of vital energy force.

Inside the battle ring, it looked like the earth at their feet was beginning to split from the force of the fight. The two of them were almost nose-to-nose, and it appeared neither of them would be willing to surrender any time soon.

Outside the battle ring, all the cultivators who were on the top of the tomb were standing stock still and watching the battle commence. They thought they had seen a good fight before, but this was the real fight. It seemed they would fight to the death this time.

As they continued to battle, the waves of vital energy stirred up the wind and it swept around them.

It obscured the cultivator's vision as sand and stone swirled through the air. All they could make out was two blurred fig

astered this skill?

What a surprise!"

At this moment, the young man was distracted and Austin knew he had to act.


He leaped forward and raised his right arm.

As if in sync, the dragon shadowed Austin and lifted its front leg.

At the end of its foot, a huge, sharp claw descended, glowing brightly with strong vital energy.

This move contained the majesty of dragon and was mixed with a sense of immortal truth, creation, and destruction. It felt like the epiphany of the civilization of the dragon race.

The endless aura of dragon was so strong that it could dispel all illusions as soon as they appeared.


The protective measures the young man had been using were easily torn in two.

The young man in red opened his mouth in shock and

finally started to move out of the way.

Stopping a few steps away, he looked at Austin with a serious expression on his face.

"Ha-ha. Okay. I'll have a taste of this Dragon Formula!"

Despite him being slightly afraid, he wasn't going to give up easily.

Howl! "You want to fight? Let's see how you deal with this!" the young man shot back, lifting both of his arms above his head.

Above him, a red giant mouse appeared and began running through the air.

The giant mouse was also surrounded by strong gusts of black wind that was capable of leveling the mountains and overturning the seas.

Hanging in its giant mouth were a two rows of razor-sharp teeth that resembled swords. If it decided to clamp down, there would be no escape.

The giant dragon and giant mouse circled each other.

All the cultivators that were looking at the dragon and the mouse were too shocked to say anything.

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