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   Chapter 2064 The Fierce Battle

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On the battle ring, the atmosphere became more and more intense despite the previous alleviation of tension.

While Austin and the young man in red were fighting, invisible and horrible auras were formed, enveloping them like a force field. Although they stopped launching any attack now, the energy pressure they released caused gusts of tornado.

The two stood still and the tornado blew violently in the whole battle ring.

At this moment, both sides fought mainly by releasing vital energy force pressure to attack each other.

There were no special moves or skill-based attacks. It depended on whose vital energy force was better!


They could feel waves of invisible vital energy force colliding with each other while the void was shaking!

Even the entire battle ring began to tremble violently and constantly.

The battle ring was established with all kinds of law power. Hence, an ordinary man could never vibrate it in the slightest!

But now, the vital energy force of the two men created an astonishing momentum!

"Impressive. I thought you only had your physical strength as your main form of offense. I did not expect the quality of your vital energy force to be this good. You are stronger than all the young people up here..."

The young man in red suddenly spoke slowly, and he did not disguise his appreciation in his tone.

Upon hearing that, all the disciples and followers felt both ashamed and envious.

'Since Martin was praised like this, could his strength be really so powerful to crush everyone in the field?'

At the thought of this, all the disciples and followers looked livid.

Those seeded disciples, in particular, were very much reluctant to admit such a fact.

They believed that Martin was just an insignificant follower of the Blue Dragon School. They had no idea he was actually the famous Austin Lin!


All of a sudden, Austin attacked once again and released his maximum physical strength. His strike was as fast as lightning. His right arm turned as big as a flood dragon and covered the whole sky. He held the tremendous Pot of Chaos in his right hand, smashed the void like a huge hammer, and rushed towards the young man in red.

The power of Austin's attack was so formidable that the heaven and earth seemed to fall apart!

Although both of them were standing still, their vital energy forces were surging. Wild winds were strongly blowing in all directions while the two confronted each other.

Now, their power finally erupted!


Austin was so fast that he broke through the sky and came forward at lightning speed. His violent physical strength burst out to the void, and the Pot of Chaos fell from the sky like a meteorite.

Austin had never displayed his full physical strength to such an extent before. However, because his opponent was so powerful this time, he could not spare any strength.

The young man stood still while his long

opular power among the disciples and masters. Only very few of them could cultivate this skill since it was too difficult and profound for most of the people.

Austin wandered in the void while holding his ivory Infernal Sword, and quickly approached the young man in red.

He intended to use the formless assassination secret skill in the Infernal Scripture.

Just then, the young man in red suddenly moved sideways, held his fingers together and used them like a sword. The sword-light beamed so brightly it swept over the sky and the ground. It was so great that nothing could break it. 'What? Such a skill seems to be indestructible!'

Austin deliberately thought to himself. 'What kind of swordsmanship is this?

It is definitely at par with my Five Elements Dominant Swordsmanship. No, it seems to be more powerful!'

The sharp sword-light given off by the young man in red was so prominent that it swept around and cut through the void around the battle ring.

Austin had no place to hide.

The young man in red was such a formidable opponent. His attacks might be casual, but they were followed by such conspicuously powerful swordsmanship!

Austin's moves were becoming limited, so he quickly stretched out his hand. The Pot of Chaos was magnified infinitely and spun around him rapidly.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Dazzling sparks flew in all directions and tremendous energy waves erupted from the Pot of Chaos!

All of the people were affixed in the fiercest battle they had witnessed in their lives.

Beside the battle ring, all the spectators on the platform of the tomb held their breath. They were all shocked by what they saw.

"Oh my god! This is the most intense battle I have ever seen. Both of them are significantly strong. How many powerful and secret martial skills have they cultivated?"

"That Martin is so awesome that he is able to fight against the ancient master to such an extent!"

All kinds of exclamations rang out.

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