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   Chapter 2063 Challenging The Red Demonic Mouse

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"A mere follower wants to challenge the master of the red demonic mouse race and get all the inherited secret skills all for himself?

What is he, an idiot or something? He doesn't stand a chance!"

"You're right. Our schools only recruit cultivators who show astounding potential.

Even so, although Martin is very strong indeed, but that doesn't mean anything.

He's even less talented than us. Chances are, he's doomed to get nowhere in martial arts in the future.

It's impossible for him to get any secret skills."

"Yes, I agree with you. He is giving himself too much credit."

Several students began whispering among themselves, discussing Austin's audacity with surprise.

Although everyone present there knew that Austin, who now pretended to be a mere follower named Martin, was still exceedingly powerful, some of the students still thought that they were superior to him.

Hence, they still looked down upon him and didn't believe that he deserved to have the strength to get the secret skills.

"Didn't you hear the rules just now?

Anyone who manages to defeat the younger version of that red demonic mouse master can get those secret skills for himself. It doesn't matter how young or old.

Even though that guy's not so strong, if he somehow manages to win, he can get those skills.

One thing is for sure: the senior leaders of all the four schools will scramble to recruit him as a formal student, or even a seeded disciple if he manages to obtain the secret skills,"

someone whispered.

'He is right.'

This guy's words surprised everyone. And he had a very good point!

"Only question is, can this Martin guy defeat the young Mr. Red Demonic Mouse?

I mean, come on, you've gotta be kidding me!

I don't think any of us could never defeat him,"

one of the students retorted with a snort.

"He does have a point, you know? He is invincible!"

The rest nodded in agreement.

At that moment, a red beam of light fell down from the sky and covered Austin. He reached the battle ring immediately after bathing in that radiance.

The red clad man cast an indifferent glance at Austin once they were in the battle

ave acquired such terrifying physical strength. You are amazing,"

the young man in red told Austin with a smile.

"I'm flattered, sir," Austin responded with great respect.

It was a great deal to be appreciated by this powerful a man.

"You can skip the formality, I mean it. I seldom praise young men,"

the man responded.

As one of the ten ancient chaotic creatures, he was incredibly strong.

Few people ever had the honor of being praised by him.

That Austin managed to survive such a powerful attack and come out of it unscathed was no meager achievement.

The students and followers on the platform were all shaken up.

None of them dared to despise Austin anymore.

They had just witnessed the terrifying strength the man had just displayed.

"Come on, master!"

Violet cheered Austin as she clenched her fist, fueled by the young man's praise.

Caroline watched the fight nervously.

"Austin is awesome!"

Zoe stared at her friend inside the ring with admiration, her heart racing like a cheetah.

Stacy and Kimberly also cheered for their friend.

Since Kimberly now knew his real identity, she didn't treat Austin as her follower.

She also knew that cultivators as talented as Austin were sure to grow stronger with time. They would improve very fast and achieve great success in the future.

'Such a powerful cultivator like Austin is not going to remain my follower forever, ' she thought.

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