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   Chapter 2062 Let Me Have A Try

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The rest of the seeded disciples, who hadn't gone to the battle ring, stepped onto the stage to take the challenge.

At the end of it, they all failed.

And then, the strongest one among them decided to fight against the young man in red.

Yet at the end, he was defeated by the young man in red.

At that moment, everyone was filled with dejection and despair.

"Sir, you were very powerful even when you were young.

Even now it's impossible for us to defeat you.

If we go this way, none of us will be able to get your inheritance. It's really difficult to pass the test. It is too difficult for us.

Can you change the way to test us so that you can find a suitable one to pass on your inheritance?"

A seeded disciple was not willing to give up so he mustered the courage to question.

"Ha ha! Young man, do you think it is so easy to get my secret skill of inheritance?

In fact, the secret skills of our race will only be passed down to the young strong masters of our race.

Unfortunately, our race has declined and even lost their sense of spirituality without any reason.

That is the only reason why I'm willing to pass down the secret inheritance martial skills to the strong masters of other races now.

But only a young man with great talent and great fighting power will be regarded as the qualified one to obtain my secret skills of inheritance.

Huh! Our race, the red demonic mouse, was one among the ten ancient chaotic creatures.

How can I let you take away our secret cultivation skills so easily?

Over the last one hundred thousand years, there have been many young people who have come here, but till now, no one seems qualified to obtain my secret cultivation method of inheritance!"

the huge red demonic mouse said in a serious tone.

After listening to what the huge red demonic mouse said, all the disciples and their followers did not dare to speak.

Now, they came to know that there had been many young warriors before them, but none of them were able to obtain the inheritance secret skill of the red demonic mouse.

It was clear now that only those young masters who had real talent, and possessed strength which was out of an ordinary cultivators' imagination, could pass the test. Only such masters were qualified to have it.

"Let me have a try,"

suddenly a young man dressed in blue said slowly. He was slender and had an extraordinary temperament.

When the young man dressed in blue walked out of the crowd, all the eyes fell on him. His casual manner made others think that it was a piece of cake for him to win the treasure.

And there was a vague yet dangerous vibe emanated from him.

Immediately everyone recognized who that powerful young man was.

Even Austin was surprised and turned to look at this man. He looked at him with serious eyes.

Austin's spiritual sense was extremely strong. Immediately he sensed that the young man dressed in blue was really more powerful than the other ordinary cultivators.

Indeed he was scary and strong. It was be

enly a huge shadow of the red demonic mouse rushed out of the body of the young man in red, which emitted a strong energy wave.


The shadow of the red demonic mouse was extremely sharp and swift. Striking like lightning, it instantly performed all kinds of powerful secret skills. Due to its extremely fast speed, no one could see clearly what he was performing.

The baffled disciples could only see a red light flashing around in the space.


All the disciples standing there had no idea what was happening and what produced that sound. A moment later, they saw Lamb Yu's body thrown out.

He was badly injured and coughed up blood.

"Indeed, you are very strong, but there is still a small distance to pass through if you want to defeat me!"

The young man dressed in red shook his head as if he felt pity on Lamb Yu.

Slowly Lamb Yu stood up without saying anything. He dragged his body up and returned to the top of the platform.

He had realized that it would produce the same result if he didn't stop.

"Well, it seems like no one in your group is qualified enough to receive my secret skill of inheritance.

So, I think all of you can leave now. Don't disturb me as I rest,"

the red demonic mouse's shadow slowly shook his head and said. He looked down upon all of them as he stood high in the air.

At that moment, all the people present there felt helpless and desperate.

They were disappointed to see that even powerful Lamb Yu was defeated.

They wondered, 'Who can defeat the young man dressed in red?'

Just then, a calm voice was heard.

"Sir, I want to give it a try!"

It was a young man who had stepped forward and spoken.

"It's him! He's Martin Xiao. He is one of the followers of the blue Dragon School,"

a low voice exclaimed in the crowd. Everyone looked at him in shock.

The young man who stood out before them left them totally bewildered. The man who asked for the opportunity to fight against the young man dressed in red was none other than Austin!

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