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   Chapter 2061 He Is Invincible

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 8628

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"Let me have a try!"

a tall, thin ordinary disciple with a long spear on his back shouted.

Immediately, a red flash of light fell from the sky, it wrapped itself on the disciple and sent him to the battle ring.

"Sir, please forgive my offense!"

the tall and thin young man said as he bowed his head.


The black spear on his back rocketed into the sky and transformed into a giant spear. It floated mightily above the sky.

Soon, black energy waves burst out from the long black spear and covered the entire battle ring.

All the warriors that surrounded the battle ring could feel that countless invisible spears were aiming at them dangerously.


Then the giant spear tore the sky like a giant black dragon and rushed towards the young man in red at the center of the battle ring.

Wherever the black spear passed, it caused the space to crack. As a result, countless space cracks appeared, forming one huge cobweb in the void.

Although the tall, thin young man was just an ordinary disciple, he had shown impressive combat power; even the seeded disciples started to pay attention to him.

"Yes, you are much more powerful than the previous challenger,"

said the young man in red indifferently.

Then, he waved his hand casually.

Instantly, a stream of red shock wave rushed out of his palm, creating a surge of violent energy.


As if the black spear crashed into an invisible wall of steel, it bounced back and was thrown into the air just above the battle ring.


The tall, thin young man from the battle ring was hurled away by a terrible force and fell onto the platform where everyone was standing.

The young man in red waved his hand so casually as if he was whisking a fly off! Yet, such a casual wave could drive the disciple with powerful strength so easily.

All the disciples and followers that were watching on the platform stared at the young man in red with shock.

His combat power was unmatched and terrifying.

Even Austin felt a hint of fear, and he does not get scared easily.

'So, that is the combat power of the young man in red, a red demonic mouse, one of the ten ancient chaotic creatures.

The red demonic mice deserve their reputation.

The disciples of the four biggest schools are definitely the strongest among the younger generation in the Divine Continent.

It is ridiculous that the tall young man with the black spear could not counter a single blow from the young man in red, ' Austin thought.

"Let me have a try!"

a woman i

haotic void and then came out of the chaotic void once again. As all this was happening so fast, the young man in red appeared to be fading physically.

Austin himself could travel through the void, so he knew what was happening.

However, this young man in red's bodily movement skill to pass through the void was too fast and spontaneous. His movements were so natural that he could get in and out of the real space and the chaotic void with no effort.

It was so effortless that it looked like there was no need for him to use the spatial power to move from one zone to another, like it was a kind of inborn power that could make him travel through the void.

"Well, you have a good combat power. If you work hard in cultivation, you will also advance in power in the future.

But of course, you too can't beat me,"

the young man in red said to Pope.

The next moment.

the young man moved, and in the blink of an eye he disappeared.

Pope could not help but get goose bumps all over his body.

With no warning, a red light appeared from the void and hit Pope at an incredible speed.


Pope was thrown out of the battle ring and landed back to the platform where everyone was standing.

A seeded disciple was defeated with no effort.

In fact, the young man in red only made one movement and it was more than enough to defeat his opponent.

Unfazed, several more seeded disciple came to the stage and challenged the young man in red one after another.

However, the strongest among the seeded disciple was defeated by him with only four moves.

'He is just too powerful!

Completely invincible!'

At that time, everyone was having that kind of thought in mind.

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