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   Chapter 2060 Battle For Inheritance

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Even though the red demonic mouse suspended in the air was only in the form of a shadow instead of its real one, the aura it was exuding still revealed its entire magnificence and regality. As a matter of fact, its eyes contained great ambitions and various laws of the world that appeared and disappeared over time.

However, an aura of gloom and cruelty enveloped the tomb.

As the red demonic mouse hovered, endless blaring thunder and lightning struck down as if it was a strong blast of waterfall surrounded the body of the mouse, making it look like a deity.


The demonic mouse then heaved a very deep sigh.

The sigh felt heavy as it contained countless of complex emotions, including memories especially of sadness and loss.

"If I am not mistaken, you people have come to get the inheritance of our great red demonic mouse. Correct me if I am wrong,"

the demonic mouse in the sky finally spoke in a slow tone.

The voice felt like it had passed through endless years from the distant savage era as it reached everyone's ears.

"Oh, my God! What happened, sir? What's going on? Are you still alive?"

a disciple asked in horror, scared and almost petrified.

The demonic mouse chuckled once, finding the thought of being alive completely ridiculous. "Alive..."

As the question passed through its mind, unpleasant memories popped up and stirred. For a while, the red demonic mouse stared into the distance in silence for a short while. Even then, the red demonic mouse did not get angry.

As the reminiscing had passed and the red demonic mouse was brought back to reality, its shadow spoke once more in majestic voice.

"It has been such a long time since our race of the red demonic mouse has started to decline and more so in the present. Even all those time passed, it is still difficult for me to believe that our bloodline has become so thin now.

Still, I began to accept that our entire race have lost the ability and initiative to advance in cultivation, and that there is no longer a descendant from our race worthy of inheriting my martial skills.

Therefore, in this case, I am willing to teach and pass my skills down to the elite disciples of other races.

However, since life has taught us how one deserve what he or she can offer, there is one condition for you to obtain my skills.

Before you can get it, you need to defeat the avatar that I have left."

Everyone in the platform exchanged surprised and excited looks, feeling very happy to hear that they could have the chance to obtain such skills.

Then again, it also meant that those on the this platform had the equal opportunities to inherit such skills as long as he or she could satisfy the red demonic mouse's condition.

Floating high up in the air, the demonic mouse waved its claw in one swift motion.

Bang! Streaks of light flashed in the void beside the tomb and quickly began to tangle and intertwine.

Not a minute

ly, he was even stronger than most of the regular disciples in the four major schools despite his status as a follower.

Then again, the recruitment and selection of the four major schools did not only consider their current fighting capacity.

The selection depended more importantly on the candidate's talent, and so Morton did not get to be a formal disciple. In the end, he still decided to come to the four major schools as a follower, hoping that one day, he would be given the chance to become a formal disciple.

Now, the opportunity had come, and Morton knew that it was now or never. He was determined to obtain the martial arts inheritance of the red demonic mouse, because for sure, once he had it on his own hands, he would become a formal disciple, and his chances of becoming a seeded disciple would skyrocket.


With another howl and an increasing sharp momentum, the tiger swiftly rushed towards the young man in red.

However, despite the menacing look of the tiger, the young man did not flinch and just shook his head without blinking.

Immediately after that, a faint red light appeared out from his body.


Without even reaching the young man, the tiger beaming with yellow light exploded in an instant.


Even Morton was swept by a huge force, and the impact sent him flying high into the air until he fell on the platform heavily.

As Morton tried to sit, he began to cough, and splatters of blood spat out of his mouth.

Everyone stared at the now pale Morton on the platform and into the battle ring.

Dead silence now filled and surrounded everyone.

The confidence and arrogance that had built inside of them was started to fade away as soon as they saw how terrifying the young man's fighting ability was. Everyone felt fear at the thought that Morton was now heavily injured just by the aura of the young man standing on the center of the battle ring. What more if the young man used more power?

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