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   Chapter 2059 The Appearance Of Giant Red Demonic Mouse

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In the coffin lay a middle-aged man in red. He had a slender figure and his face was thin as a rake.

His eyebrows were bushy, while his expression exuded a deep aura of majestic power. It was as if he lived to be a formidable opponent.

"Oh my god. Is this one of the ten ancient chaotic creatures in prehistoric times, the red demonic mouse?"

someone exclaimed.

Although the man in red in the coffin was in human form, he had a terrible demonic aura upon scrutiny.

"Is the martial arts inheritance of the red demonic mouse on him?"

someone speculated.

There was nothing else in the coffin other than this middle-aged man in garnet.

If the martial arts inheritance really existed, it must be on this mysterious man!


Just as everyone was assuming things, a seeded disciple reached out and snatched the man's body.

This seeded disciple was naturally followed by other disciples who would not fall behind. They all rushed forward towards the coffin, wanting to get a hold of the body of the middle-aged man in red.

A fierce battle went down.

As usual, Austin used his physical strength against his enemies.

It was a simple and direct way to fight an enemy with physical strength. This manner of fighting was satisfying and pleasurable to Austin. It was his favorite medium of skirmish

With the Pot of Chaos in his hand, it looked like Austin was rushing forward with a huge hammer.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A dozen of disciples were thrown into the air one after another with their mouths bleeding after Austin came at them, hitting them with the Pot of Chaos and then running away.

Soon after clearing a path, Austin reached out his hand. He tried to grab the man in red when suddenly...


A streak of light suddenly burst out of nowhere and stroke the back of Austin's head.

Austin immediately moved sideways to dodge the lightning and pulled out his sword. He turned his sharp sword towards the light and cut it with all his might. Bang! A huge sword radiance appeared and made the void rumble.

Suddenly, a man with purple hair appeared from behind. He was staring at Austi


He was a seeded disciple with exceptional fighting power.

Otherwise, he could not have possibly snatched the body in the coffin before anyone else.

At the moment, the seeded disciple wanted to storm out and leave there as soon as possible.

When suddenly...

the body of the middle-aged man in red suddenly began to tremble violently.

Red fog burst out from the dead man's body, turning the room red little by little.

At the same time, a wave of devastating and electric energy fluctuation came out.


A rip-roaring energy had erupted here.


The seeded disciple who had caught the middle-aged man cried out in pain. His body was hit by the great force and thrown into the air. When he landed on the ground, he spat out a mouthful of blood. He was badly injured that he could not move his legs.

Then the middle-aged man in red was floating in the air.

Waves of blood-like fog gushed out. The red fog gathered and formed a huge demonic mouse over the tomb.

It was the red demonic mouse! It stared coldly at the creatures on the platform, overlooking everything in the vicinity.

A formidable aura came out of the red demonic mouse's body.

All of a sudden, everyone on the platform found that a mysterious suppressing power was crushing down on their bodies that they could not move at all!

"What? What is happening?

I can't move! Help!"

All of them panicked.

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