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   Chapter 2058 Hard Battle Against Pope

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In order to grab the treasure, Austin didn't reserve himself any more. He began to show his most powerful moves at that time.

With the release of all his physical strength, his arms turned as thick as a flood dragon, and he was holding the Pot of Chaos in his hand. A strong fighting aura gushed out of his body, making him look like a deity.

Like five powerful hurricanes, the sword auras with different colors spread the rules of five elements and expanded without stopping.

At the same time, nine huge ancient stelas appeared around Austin, releasing a strong wave of suppressing power. Countless surging golden flames came into being in the void, full of a strong eerie power.


The space began to collapse continuously, and dark space cracks started appearing. It was like a spider web, crawling up in that space all around.

Facing Austin's brutal attack, the young man in golden robe and the Holy Daughter of the Moon Palace kept retreating.

"Fuck off!"

Austin shouted as he attacked them with his sound wave.

His roar was like that of a wrathful Buddhist. It echoed as if the whole space was overturned. The overlapping sound waves spread around in that whole space.

The sound waves were so strong that they could penetrate into bodies, go into one's Soul Sea and attack the spiritual soul.

He had infused the power of the Mantra of Six Words and the Roaring Blast into his powerful roar. As a result he had created an attack which was extremely powerful.

Angered by his shouts, the young man in golden and the Holy Daughter of the Moon Palace stopped in their tracks for a second.

Austin seized the chance and waved his sleeve. That was when, the light ball was thrust towards Austin.

"Huh! Go to hell!"

The young man who was dressed in golden couldn't stop himself from getting angry.


He pointed his finger at the light, and a gust of formidable golden energy was released. It turned into a shower of golden sparks as if the sun had exploded. The runes in golden color were blooming and turned into golden ripples. They rushed towards Austin in full speed.

It was so strong that wherever the golden ripples went, the space broke and the space fragments evaporated in the air.


Austin stretched out his hand and the Pot of Chaos started to become bigger. It collided with the golden ripples creating boundless golden light, accompanied by deafening noise.

"Stop! Don't try to take the treasure all by yourself. Hand it over to me."

The Holy Daughter of the Moon Palace also took her chance and made a move ag

esent on the Divine Continent can defeat Pope when it comes to physical strength,"

the crowd started to whisper among themselves.

A moment had passed.


Suddenly, Pope trembled and spat out a mouthful of blood.

Then his body started retreating and his face turned pale as though he was extremely sick or drained of blood.

"No way! This can't be happening!"

Pope shouted at Austin, unwilling to give up.

Suddenly and unexpectedly, he was at a disadvantage in the battle of physical strength!

His opponent was stronger than him!

"So, what happened?

It looks like Pope is injured!"

"Oh my God! Martin's physical strength is so horrible. He is even stronger than Pope!"

All of a sudden, the people around were shocked to hear those words.

The seeded disciples of the four major schools also looked at Austin with more fear. They found him to be exuding a strong sense of power.

In one day, he had managed to kill two seeded disciples of the Rose Finch School. And now, he had also wounded Pope.

Watching his wonderful tactics and performance, all the other seeded disciples were shocked.

Rushing faster, Austin pushed back Pope with all his might. He moved towards the side of the coffin. A stream of vital energy force was given out from his hand and the coffin lid started to open.

Once Austin made his move, the seeded disciples of the four biggest schools also moved towards the coffin. They did not want to miss out on anything.

Everyone was amazed. All of them wanted to see the precious thing present in that coffin.

The moment the lid of the coffin was removed, everyone's eyes moved across at the same time. They were eager to see what was inside the coffin.

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