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   Chapter 2057 Broke The Array

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Caroline, Violet, the gnome, and the others hurriedly rushed towards Austin.

The Pot of Chaos had now turned into a huge tripod and was floating above their heads like a magical umbrella. Its size had increased and it was now wide enough to protect everyone.

From the void above the tomb, as if a silver waterfall was flowing down towards them, countless bolts of lightning emanated and began to strike the pot. Sparks flew in all directions as the Pot of Chaos shielded them from its effects, acting like a lightning rod.

The Pot of Chaos had been forged of chaotic gold, which was an extremely powerful element.

The most well-known features of chaotic gold were its weight and strength. It could withstand terrifying amounts of strikes without the slightest bit of damage.

Although the lightning struck the Pot of Chaos thousands of times, and from all possible angles, it wasn't damaged at all.

With the Pot of Chaos floating above them and moving with their position, Austin and his companions quickly climbed towards the top of the tomb.

They weren't the only ones. Numerous other disciples and followers also had advanced secret weapons in their arsenal, which were now suspended above their heads and easily blocking the thunder. The sight would have been hauntingly beautiful if it weren't deadly.

However, there were also some disciples whose weapons and shields were less powerful. Their shields would constantly explode into pieces under the struck of lightning.

And once their weapon was gone, they would then be sent flying out of the area by the falling thunder.

Austin and his group finally managed to reach the top of the tomb a few moments later and saw a strange sight.

Where there should have been the most of it, there was no lightning on the top of the tomb.

Instead, there was a wide platform at the very top, and in the middle of it was an altar.

On the altar, was placed a coffin which, from the looks of it, belonged to someone very special.

Three balls of a radiant light were floating next to the coffin, and shining with a crystal clear glow. They seemed to contain something inside them, but the cultivators couldn't see through them clearly. In fact, even perceiving the balls with their spiritual sense was impossible.

"They must contain the inheritance of the red demonic mouse!"

someone exclaimed in surprise.

Besides Austin and his companions, now the rest of the group also managed to climb onto the platform. They all stood still for a while because they knew rushing headlong into the unknown wasn't a very w

njured up the spear, and not the balls.

He had seen this woman before. She was the Holy Daughter of the Moon Palace, an ancient sect in the Middle Pilgrim Land.

To his surprise, she was the new disciple of the four biggest schools.

"Ha-ha, my apologies. But I'm interested in that ball. Could you please give it to me?"

the woman asked with a sweet smile.

The Holy Daughter had a peerless figure and looked astounding. Under the dim moonlight, she looked hazy and holy, as if she had descended from the skies. However, Austin wasn't moved, "Nice try.

We're all interested in these treasures. You want it; you'll have to fight for it!"


A golden lamp suddenly descended from above them, and began to bellow endless amount of flames all around, attacking Austin and the Holy Daughter of the Moon Palace.

A young man in a golden robe showed up with an arrogant expression on his face. He too, wanted the ball, and was clearly

a powerful man.

The golden lamp was obviously a very rare and dangerous secret weapon. The golden flames bursting out one after the other from it carried a terrible pressure which was continuously trying to suppress Austin and the Holy Daughter's movements.


Austin and the Holy Daughter of the Moon Palace began to fight back together.

Austin raised his hand and five sword auras, each at least a hundred feet long, lined up in unison and rushed out. At the same time, his arms enlarged infinitely, reaching as much width as a flood dragon. With the Pot of Chaos still in his hands, he began to crush everything in his path.

Simultaneously, a bright moon flew out from the Holy Daughter's body, splashing a holy and supernatural moonlight around her.

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