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   Chapter 2056 Trying To Enter The Palace

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Soon, some of the seeded disciples of the four major schools started to rush towards the gate.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The seeded disciples began attacking the metal gate furiously when they got closer to it.

To everyone's surprise, the doors of the gate swung open. The students hurriedly pushed the gate making it open wider.

As soon as the gate was open, the cultivators who had been outside rushed into the palace.

The air around the palace was grave and gloomy. The atmosphere felt empty and haunted, as if no one had ever lived there for thousands of years.

All the cultivators could feel how time had worn out the place. It seemed to have housed a great civilization but after that, it had been reclaimed by nature and solitude.

As they moved inside the great hall, they were welcomed by deafening silence.

Strangely, none of the cultivators dared to speak out loud. It was so because there was a kind of tremendous power suppressing the souls of the intruders, which was terrifying them.

Not long after they kept walking forward, they saw a silver metal stela hanging in the air, shrouded in chaos and shining brightly. There were a few words on it: Tomb of the red demonic mouse!

Everyone had the same question in their mind. Was this the place where the bones of a red diabolic mouse, one of the ten ancient chaotic creatures in ancient times, was buried?

When they looked at the silver ancient stela, they began to guess in their hearts.

Everyone carefully passed the position of the silver ancient stela and did not even attempt to approach it. That was because there was an inexplicable sternness being emitted by the ancient stela, filling people's souls with a faint sense of admiration, and even submission.

It was said that ancient chaotic creatures had emerged there at the beginning of the world and were regarded as the ancestors of all the beasts.

As one of the ten ancient chaotic creatures, the red diabolic mouse was still powerful, though it had been dead for many years. The students of the four major schools could not bear the innate majesty being exuded by the silver ancient stela alone.

Therefore, the students of the four major schools, including those seeded disciples, looked at the stela with deep reverence.

Passing by the silver ancient stela in the void, everyone continued to move forward.

The palace seemed to be boundless and in a state of chaos. It looked as if the world, including heaven and earth had just been formed. The disciples looked around and found that everything was misty.

All the disciples kept walking forward for about an hour.

"Look! There's a huge ancient tomb ahead!"

a man who was in front su

the platform.

And they saw that there were a lot of things on the altar.

Many of them started wondering if the legacy of the red demonic mouse were on this altar.

At the thought struck all of them, all the cultivators couldn't calm down.

Immediately, all of them rushed towards the huge tomb.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Suddenly, flashes of lightning appeared from the void. It looked like those streaks of lightning was being poured down like a waterfall and incessantly hitting the crowd.


Very soon, some weak cultivators were knocked down by the lightning and they ended up being thrown backwards.

They landed far with their face down on the ground and kept coughing blood.

At the same time, the great pressure of the laws of nature covered the huge tomb.

Obviously, it was not an easy or wise thing to climb to the top of the huge tomb.

"Damn it! I don't believe that I can't make it!"

A seeded disciple waved his hand and four or five high-level secret weapons appeared. They kept floating above his head to shield himself from the lightning. At the same time, the vital energy force in his body was surging out, forming layers of defensive walls all around his body.

With a lot of effort, he climbed up a long distance within a few seconds under the thunderbolt and the pressure of the laws of nature.

Seeing what that seeded disciple had done, the others followed his way. They started taking out all kinds of secret weapons and put them on their heads.

Austin waved his hand, and the Pot of Chaos appeared above his head instantly. It began to get larger to a great extent and turned into a huge alchemy tripod.

"Come here! All of you. Follow me!"

Austin shouted to the rest of his group. It included Caroline and all the others present there.

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