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   Chapter 2055 Ground-diving Skill

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"Your school got an amazing follower!"

The elders and stewards of the other three martial arts schools turned to the two elders and several stewards of the Blue Dragon School with a bewildered expression on their faces.

In reality, even the two elders and several stewards of the Blue Dragon School were shocked after hearing the news.

They were recently made aware that the real name of the follower—Martin was Austin, and he was a student of their school.

Since Anderson—a top cultivator in the Divine Continent recommended him, the two elders and the stewards guessed that Austin was a talented and powerful cultivator. Anderson would never risk his reputation for someone unfit or incompetent.

When they heard that two seeded disciples of the Rose Finch School died at his hands, they realized that Austin was much more powerful than they imagined him to be.

The seeded disciples of the four martial arts schools were the strongest among the young cultivators in the Divine Continent, and there were just dozens of them.

Austin was strong enough to kill seeded disciples, single handedly. This meant he was also at the top of the young generation.

Meanwhile, in front of the Red Tide Palace, Austin joined the fight over semi-omnipotent herbs.


He rushed towards an intelligent semi-omnipotent herb that was being chased by seeded disciples.

The intelligent semi-omnipotent herb looked like a human boy with two pigtails that danced with the wind as he ran. He had a chubby face with an innocent look in his eyes. He was smiling as if inviting them to chase him.

To Austin's surprise, the boy was faster than the seeded disciples.

He moved around joyfully, unafraid of the seeded disciples that were pursuing him. He was laughing and hopping around as if he was playing a game with them. The look on his face was of pure joy.

Austin activated his self-made bodily movement skill. In an instant, he made himself invisible and stepped into a void. With this, he could approach the boy unnoticed.

The boy was taken aback when he saw Austin disappear. He looked around him in panic.

He tried to dash out and escape, but it was too late.

Even before he could move a muscle, a figure appeared and stood in front of him.

It was Austin.

Much as the boy had an exceptional speed, his spiritual sense was weak. As long as Austin was invisible, he could not perceive him and had no idea where

at an incredible speed, he dived into the ground and disappeared.

"The Ground-diving Skill.

The boy was using the Ground-diving Skill of red demonic mouse!"

Austin was surprised.

He did not expect the intelligent semi-omnipotent would dive into the ground, so he failed to stop it.

The moment the boy disappeared into the ground, the other intelligent semi-omnipotent herbs that were running away from the human cultivators also transformed into shiny red lights and dived into the ground.

Soon, all the intelligent semi-omnipotent herbs disappeared and were nowhere to be found.

"Damn it! I can't believe these intelligent semi-omnipotent herbs know how to dive into the ground.

I thought they said that the semi-omnipotent herb couldn't cultivate themselves until they evolved into the omnipotent herbs?"

someone shouted angrily.

"This Ground-diving Skill belongs to the red demonic mouse.

Is it possible that these intelligent semi-omnipotent herbs have evolved through the years and could cultivate after they have lived in the Red Tide Palace for a long time?"

someone speculated.

"Let it go. Let's get inside the palace,"

a seeded disciple said before he dashed towards the gate of the red palace at lightning speed.

All the other cultivators raced towards the gate. No one wanted to be left behind. They activated their fastest bodily movement skills and headed towards the entrance of the palace.

"I think it's time to get inside!" Austin said as he gestured at his companions to enter the palace.

With no more words, they hurried towards the door of the palace together.

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