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   Chapter 2054 It's Martin Again

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Austin's attack created a fierce collision. The impact of the boiling vital energy force fluctuation almost shattered the space and overturned it.

Those seeded disciples who launched their attacks were all shocked by Austin's power.

They did not expect that Austin could withstand their powerful joint attacks.

"Brat! Did you use any conspiracy or a trick to frame my friend Tevin from the Rose Finch School?

Tell me the truth!" the young man in yellow robe shouted at Austin coldly.

He then rushed over and stopped in front of Austin.

"I killed Tevin just because I feel like it. Do I need to have a reason for it?"

Austin gave him a scornful look.

"You! Arrogant scum! Well, let me see how much power you have!"

The young man in yellow robe roared in fury.

He was one of the ten seeded students of the Rose Finch School. He was very mad at Austin because he killed his good friend Tevin. He wanted to avenge his death.

His hands kept on making quick movements. And a mysterious aura suddenly emitted from his body.

He roared and rushed towards Austin. Then he suddenly multiplied into six individuals, each of which had the same strength and could display different kinds of methods for their attacks.

The scene shocked everyone.

"He performed the legendary Hexa-avatar Skill!"

someone exclaimed in a low voice.

It was said that the Hexa-avatar Skill was some kind of a top-secret skill. Once a cultivator reached a high level, he could create five avatars. And each of them had the same fighting capacity as the real body. This skill was very powerful because it could instantly improve the cultivator's fighting capacity by six times.

Austin used his spiritual sense. And he discovered that the young man in the yellow robe's level of cultivation was still far from reaching the level of creating that many avatars.

In fact, the young man in the yellow robe didn't have any avatars. He was just moving too fast, which created a hazy illusion.

The whole space turned pale the moment the young man in yellow robe used his secret skill. He suddenly became very powerful, as if he had six master hands, and when they attacked together, their power was so terrifying that everyone would definitely go and hide.

Austin immediately stretched out his hand. The Pot of Chaos rushed out and turned into a huge tripod. He held the pot in his hand then released his physical strength, and his arms suddenly became as strong as the flood dragon.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Then Austin stretched out his arms, and the tripod was like a hammer that hit the six figures.


At the same time, there were five sword auras that rushed out and tried to kill Austin.

"Die," roared six young men in yellow robes at the same time.

They also used six kinds of secret skills and attacked Austin with an enormous vital energy for

ortation Rune on his body was activated. He instantly turned into a ball of light and disappeared.

As a seeded disciple of the Rose Finch School, the young man in the yellow robe was more powerful compared to Tevin.

But his power was not strong enough to defeat Austin.

The people who were watching were disappointed with the result.

Everyone was shocked at this moment.

Even the seeded disciples who were fighting fiercely for the semi-omnipotent herb stopped with their battle and looked at Austin in surprise.

It was now clear to everyone that Tevin was killed by a cultivator called Martin with his real strength and not by any tricks that they had speculated.

At this moment, on the ship of the four schools.

The elders and stewards were talking about disciples who had been killed in the Red Tide Land and then brought back to life.

Then a white light suddenly flashed out from the warship of the Rose Finch School.

It was a sign that a victim, a disciple or a follower, had been sent back after they died in the fight.

"It's you! How is it possible!

What happened?

Are there too many red demonic mice in the surroundings attacking you?" the elder from the Rose Finch School asked.

He was staring incredulously at the man in front of him.

"I was killed by a man named Martin from the Blue Dragon School,"

He clenched his fists. Although he had already been killed, he still refused to admit his defeat. He did not hide this hatred and said it out loud.

Since he was killed in front of so many people, sooner or later, the news about his defeat would spread around the world.


It's this Martin again!"

After they heard what the young man said, not only Elder Mickey, and the elders and stewards from the Rose Finch School, but also the elders and stewards of the other three schools were all shocked. They could not believe that Austin was this powerful.

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