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   Chapter 2053 Semi-omnipotent Herbs

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Larson was shocked when he witnessed how Austin killed the red demonic mice through his spiritual sense.

'It's strange. Since this guy is so powerful, why did he stay with us?

I was so mean to him but he didn't get angry and continued to follow me.


he asked himself inwardly, confused.

'Maybe because of the map.

He heard that I had a map that will lead us to the Red Tide Palace, so he decided to follow me.

Perhaps those two bitches had the same plan.

Damn it! They have been toying with me since the beginning, '

he thought.

"How dare they? They messed with the wrong person.

I will kill them.

Zoe Lin also dared to join the game. Humph, I won't let her off too!"

Fury soared in his heart.

Under the lead of those seeded disciples, many people fought a way out and rushed down the abyss.

Austin, Caroline, Violet and the gnome trailed with them.

Soon, they reached the bottom.

Austin scanned the area and found himself in a large clearing.

"What's going on?

There is no red demonic mouse here."

"Look, those rats don't dare rush down. They are only staring from up there!"

The cultivators exclaimed.

The other cultivators noticed that the walls were crowded with red demonic mice, glaring and angrily growling at them.

However, none of the mice dared to come down.

"There must be something here that scare these red demonic mice,"

someone speculated.

"No matter the reason, it's a good thing that these rats don't dare to come down!"

another chimed in.

After an intense fight, they were all very tired.

There were too many mice. Even if they were weak, it was tiresome to eliminate all of them.

"Look! it's the semi-omn

'That made sense.

Great masters would only lose their lives because of being set up, ' they mused.

While they did, Austin already reached the four or five intelligent semi-omnipotent herbs. He stretched out his hand to catch them.

"Not a chance!"

Several of the fastest seeded disciples caught up with him. There was no way that they would stand by and watch him get the rare herbs.

In a flash, all of them launched powerful attacks on him.

They employed their best martial skills to deal with their enemy.

The terrifying vital energy force they unleashed crushed the space.

Austin had no choice but to fight back. Since they were seeded disciples and mastered amazing secret skills, their attacks were lethal and powerful.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

With a wave of his hand, he released five beams of sword aura and used them to hit his enemies.

Then he displayed the Nine Flaming Stelae Array. Huge and old stelas appeared one by one and surrounded him.

Every stela was engraved with mysterious ancient symbols.

In the next second, the nine stelas glowed brightly and flew towards those who attacked Austin.

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