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   Chapter 2052 He Was Too Powerful

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Larson Ge's confidants rushed towards Austin immediately. They really wanted to kill him.

However, before they could even get close to Austin, a voice was suddenly heard.

"Damn it! Many red demonic mice appeared again. There is another wave of red demonic mice!" screamed someone not so far away.

Those people who were about to attack Austin halted and looked behind them.

They saw a large number of red demonic mice crawling out of the abyss. They were surging like a wave.

In an instant, countless red demonic mice gathered at the edge of the abyss. They then rushed towards the disciples of the four major schools and their followers immediately.

"Ha ha! It's good that you come here, mice! You can help us practice our fighting skills more," said a tall young man with a long sword on his back excitedly.

He laughed wildly while staring at the mice with his bloody eyes.

That tall young man was Pope Lan. He was a seeded disciple of the Black Tortoise School!

The sword on his back soared into the sky and became so large in an instant. It was surrounded by thousands of sharp blade auras. It was very terrifying.


The sword unleashed a blade aura which was several hundred feet wide. In the blink of an eye, dozens of red demonic mice were slaughtered.

The seeded disciple was truly amazing once he started to fight.

"All of you will die!" roared another seeded disciple on the other side.

He was also a tall young man. A huge black hole suddenly appeared above his head.

The huge black hole seemed to devour everything. It was giving off a terrible and tearing killing power.


When the young man threw the black hole out, around sixty red demonic mice were instantly torn into pieces.

As they saw the two seeded disciples fighting with the red demonic mice, the rest of the seeded disciples from the four major schools ran in front of the battlefield.

Since the Red Tide Palace was right under the abyss, everyone tried their best to get in first.

Therefore, each seeded disciple exerted their most powerful attacks without reservation and rushed towards the abyss where the Red Tide Palace was located.

Meanwhile, Larson Ge stretched out his huge palm and slain dozens of red demonic mice effortlessly.

His followers who were just close to him also did their best to kill as many red demonic mice as they could while the number of red demonic mice seemed to be increasing.

"Hey, girls! If you come with me now

" said Austin.

"Just follow me so I can protect you."

He just gave Zoe a casual smile.

Zoe's facial expression after seeing hundreds of dead red demonic mice in front of her somehow amused Austin.

The next moment, Austin moved as fast as lightning.

Using his physical strength, he released rolling blood energy in his arms. They were like two thick flood dragons.

The blood and the vital energy of the two dragons intertwined on his arms. The space around them shook violently.

Austin's speed was like a god of death. His two huge arms moved forward and punched unceasingly. Consequently, dozens of red demonic mice were killed once again.

In just a few breaths, around four or five hundred red demonic mice were killed by Austin. Their bones shattered into pieces and streams of blood were everywhere.

"It's..." "He..." "He is so strong!"

Finally, Zoe burst out. Her eyes were full of admiration as she stared at Austin.

Meanwhile, Larson Ge was also very surprised.

"What? This is impossible! How could that brat be so strong?"

Disbelief was written all over his face.

He was actually in a hurry to finish his current fight so he could deal with Austin afterward. He unleashed his spiritual sense to check on them behind him and he almost jumped to his feet when he saw what happened.

He had wished to see Austin and his companions being besieged by the red demonic mice. When that happened, he was planning to turn around and give them a hard time. He was looking forward to seeing them being torn into pieces by the red demonic mice.

But to his surprise, Austin killed the red demonic mice with such a mighty power.

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