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   Chapter 2050 The Red Tide Palace

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While Zoe was chatting with Caroline and Violet, ahead of them, Larson was leading his men to march forward quickly.

Among this group of his henchmen, several were his followers, while many were ordinary disciples who were willing to join him.

As a seeded disciple, Larson had a huge influence. Many ordinary disciples were willing to rely on him.

"Master, the two women are lukewarm towards you and it seems that it's difficult to get them,"

a coquettish girl in pink whispered in Larson's ear.

She was one of Larson's followers. She was dressed sexily and seductively.

"Humph! It doesn't matter. No matter how arrogant and cold they are, they are still just two ordinary disciples.

I must get these two maidens. They will be a great help to my cultivation of that mysterious skill," Larson blurted out.

"The woman named Violet is actually a nine-tailed demon fox, a beast of ancient times. Her constitution is so unique and she has pure demonic power and essence hidden within her body.

Her constitution is a great complement to my secret cultivation method.

And the other woman named Caroline is not simple. She is not from our human race. However, she comes from the legendary evil shadow race.

The bodies of the women from the evil shadow race contain pure evil energy, which is also helpful to my cultivation method.

And they seem to be virgins and haven't fornicated with any man yet. Thus, their original energy essence is still with them. That's great for me!"

Larson added enthusiastically.

"Well, it means that master, you will make great progress in your cultivation method after you get the two women.

You will definitely rise in the near future!

Master, the secret cultivation method you are practicing is good at extracting and absorbing the original energy essence of women. It is really amazing!

My original energy essence was absorbed a lot by you last night..."

Speaking of this, the coquettish girl couldn't help but lean closer toward her master. Her face was red from blushing but she still looked charming.


You slu

parently, hundreds, if not thousands of red demonic mice lurked everywhere around the area.

"Everyone, be careful! We are now in the den of the red diabolic mice!"

The relaxed character of Larson was gone. It was replaced by a more serious persona.

Austin and the others were also on high alert.


I finally found the Red Tide Palace!"

"Yes, the place full of red light must be where the Red Tide Palace is!"

All of a sudden, they heard a group of gleeful voices from behind. They turned around to look and saw fierce figures rushing towards the direction of the palace.

There were a large group of people who were quickly approaching.

Larson turned livid as he watched the large group run around.

"How did this happen?!

I was able to find this palace only because I have the map. But how did they find this place?"

Larson roared in a low voice.

He had planned to find the Red Tide Palace first with a group of his trusted subordinates. After that, he wanted to check if they could monopolize the inheritance technique of the red diabolic mouse.

"Master, do you think they could have had a similar map?"

one of Larson's trusted subordinates asked cautiously.

"Well, maybe.

Now, we have no choice but to compete. Let's see who will win in the end."

After Larson managed to calm himself down, he gave his subordinates a fierce and determined look.

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