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   Chapter 2049 Let Them Follow

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"Yes, that is correct. These two ladies are from the East Mainland, and they are both my friends.

Caroline is from the Rose Finch School and Violet is from the Black Tortoise School,"

Zoe nodded and introduced them to the man in front of them.

She didn't seem to know the men beside Violet and Caroline, who were actually Austin and the gnome. That was because Austin and the gnome had changed their looks and aura of the spiritual soul through the Aura Disguising Skill; it was impossible for Zoe to figure out this deceit using her small cultivation base.

"Nice to meet you.

I'm Larson Ge from the White Tiger School. It really is an honor,"

he introduced himself to them politely.

But he stopped then, and did not introduce himself to Austin. In fact, he didn't even afford them a look. It was as if he didn't care about them or their presence at all.

Caroline and Violet themselves were not moved by his glowing eyes. They simply nodded in response.

Noticing the coldness on their faces, and the apparent disregard of his unique eyes, Larson had a gloomy look flashing through his eyes.

"Hey, I just remembered; we have entered the core area of the Red Tide Land. This place is filled with red demonic mice. I think there's a nest of them somewhere nearby.

You'll encounter hundreds of them on your way from now on and it will be really dangerous.

If you don't mind my saying so, I don't think you two are capable enough to fight them, and may find yourselves in a lot of trouble if you run into the red demonic mouse.

But, I know a way. If you don't mind, you can come with us.

I am capable enough of protecting us all."

He stared at them without blinking to engage their confidence.

Actually, he had an ulterior motive, 'Wow! What a lucky day! I hadn't expected to meet two beautiful girls on the way. I can't believe how amazing these two are in terms of beauty, figure, and scent. They're amazing.

In fact, I daresay that these two are even more beautiful than Zoe.

I would have settled for Zoe originally. Now it seems like I should change my target to these two beauties in front of me.

I am not going to let these two girls go. I must find an opportunity to get them in my bed.

And it won't be that difficult. With my current strength and status, it's going to be a piece of cake for me to land two such beauties in my arms!'

he was think

Caroline said decisively.

Larson's eyes flashed with a little haze, but he soon grinned in agreement. But just for a moment, the muscles at the corner of his mouth trembled as if he was unable to control himself.

"Well, since you insist, I will not push you. Alright, they can tag along.

However, the journey is full of danger and whatever happens now will be unprecedented.

If they find themselves in danger, I'm not strong enough to protect us all at once.

Let's go!"

At Larson's command, the crowd behind him immediately formed a pattern and they began to move forward.

Austin and his company followed them. However, Caroline and Violet were slightly slow in terms of bodily movement and began to lag behind.

Upon seeing that, Zoe also slowed down and gradually reached their side; she kept asking them about Austin.

She wanted to know why Austin hadn't come to the Blue Dragon School. Was something wrong?

Austin, who was also walking beside them now, was deeply upset by their response.

'It seems like she really cares about me. I hope Caroline won't get the wrong idea about this, ' Austin thought.

Caroline felt the enthusiasm behind Zoe's inquiries about Austin, and her beautiful eyes kept turning towards the latter. Obviously she was happy about other girls being so interested in her boyfriend.

Violet giggled when she noticed this.

'Well, looks like I'll have to find some other chance to reveal my identity to Zoe. Otherwise, she's going to keep worrying about me, '

Austin thought to himself. To be honest though, he was grateful for her concern.

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