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   Chapter 2048 The Center Of The Red Tide Land

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Swoosh! Swoosh!

Over Red Tide Land, Austin, Caroline, Violet, and the gnome were zooming at a very fast speed.

As the four traveled, they ran into various people.

From time to time, they saw students locked in a fierce duel.

Such a thing was allowed in this trial. Basically, if people had arguments, they would just fight each other until one of the parties involved died.

Violent, aggressive, and incredibly strong students were continuously provoking other students just because they wanted to fight.

Besides seeking treasures, they also wanted to improve their skills and strengths by defeating other people in the trial.

The four were heading towards the center of Red Tide Land.

Before they started the trial, the white-haired elder told them that the Red Tide Palace might be at the center of the Red Tide Land.

"Since there are inherited martial skills of the red demonic mouse in the Red Tide Palace, why didn't the top-level management look for them themselves? Why are they asking us to do it?"

Austin suddenly asked.

"Over the past month," Caroline started, looking in the distance.

"I've gone to the library many, many times. On one of my visits, I saw a book about the Red Tide Land of this Astral World.

It was so ancient that it was almost crumbling." Caroline paused for a chuckle, reminiscing the book she discovered. "Well, according to that book, the Red Tide Palace is the shrine of the red demonic mouse ever since the ancient times.

Because of that, the Red Tide Palace has the ability to defend itself from strong cultivators who want to enter it.

For example, once a real master get close to it, it will actually disappear into thin air. It will just vanish.

However, for relatively weak cultivators, it wouldn't do that. They would be able to approach and even enter it!"

Austin was nodding as Caroline was speaking. He knew where her story was going. "So basically, it is impossible for great masters to get into the Red Tide Palace and get the inherited skills of the red demonic mouse, no matter how much they try and no matter how much they want it,"

Caroline concluded.

"I see," Austin whispered in response.

"So... the Red Tide Palace has the ability to protect itself from cultivators who can destroy it.

Even if weak cultivators enter the palace, they wouldn't be able to cause any damage to it.

But those top cultivators are different. They can turn that whole palace into dust,"

he explained.

"And so I don't think anyon

his companions also joined the battle.

He released his physical strength and his arm started becoming larger and larger until they were the size of a dragon. Without any much thought, he dashed forward and punched the huge rat swiftly.

Puff! Puff! Puff! Puff!

He inflicted a huge damage to any mouse near him. With one punch, he beat the monster into a pulp.

Unfortunately, at that moment, he noticed that more mice had already appeared. From the distance, he saw a huge swarm of mice coming towards him and the other human cultivators.

'These creatures really breed like crazy!' Austin thought, as he saw the steady flow of mice coming out of the mist. 'This is gonna be a long day!'

For everyone, it felt like the creature couldn't be wiped out. They just kept coming, and coming, and coming!

After a while, most of cultivators began to feel exhausted.

"There is a small valley ahead. Let's go inside and take cover," Austin said.

He cleared a way out for him and his companies, and together, they escaped to a quiet valley nearby.

"Oh?" a sweet female voice suddenly rang out. "Caroline, Violet! I didn't expect to meet you here.

Do you know where Austin is?

Why hasn't he registered in the Blue Dragon School?

Did anything happen to him?

I'm so worried about him."

The voice sounded so worried.

Soon enough, a group of students also rushed into the valley.

One of them was Zoe, a female disciple of the Flame Holy Land.

A handsome, classy young man rested his eyes on Austin and his companions as they came into view. "Zoe, are you friends with these two girls?"

he asked, sounding pleased as he studied Caroline and Violet.

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