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   Chapter 2047 Couldn't Hurt To Have One More Enemy

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Boy, are you being picky? Do you know what kind of clan we come from?!

If I hadn't seen these two pretty girls, I wouldn't have even talked to you, you losers!

Now I am only going to give you a chance to walk away from these beautiful ladies. Just leave while you still can.

These girls must stay and join us!"

One of them laughed ferociously while staring at Violet and Caroline. He surveyed them from head to foot, revealing an apparent perverted desire.

"Ha-ha, not bad. I can't believe I've met such beauties. I'm so lucky, ha-ha!"

Another young man in sackcloth made no effort to hide his frivolous intention towards Violet and Caroline.

The group of men behind those jerks was also jeered dirty remarks as an effort to back their two companions.

Violet and Caroline were both exceedingly beautiful. Any ordinary man would inevitably be smitten and head over heels for them.


Then which clan are you from?"

Austin asked with a sneer. He now knew that the two men were here for Violet and Caroline.

"Kid, listen carefully.

We are all from the Yuwen Clan in the Middle Pilgrim Land.

There is a Universe Sect in each of the four schools, established by the young masters of our Yuwen Clan.

I don't care what school you are in. You must have heard of the Universe Sect, right?"

a young man in sackcloth raised his head and said proudly.

"There is a Universe Sect in each of the four schools?"

Austin was surprised to know this.

"Yes. In the four schools, no one dares to oppose the Yuwen Clan.

So, you two losers better get lost now.

As for the two girls, I will allow you to stay and work with us.

As long as you're obedient, I can guarantee that you girls will be safe. They can even get great results in this trial,"

a young man in linen said impatiently.

"Wow, you are so awesome! Can you really help me achieve high?

But then, do I have to pay something in return?"

Violet ogled at the man.

She was born with skill in flirtation, and right now, her illusion was really brilliant. At this moment, her little gesture was colorful and charming, truly exuding an enchanting beauty.

All of a sudden, the young man in sackcloth was ecstatic as if he was flying in the sky.

"Ha-ha, you are so smart, my beauty.

You understood what I said in an instant.

Don't worry. I am the principal disciple of the Yuwen Clan in the Middle Pilgrim Land. As long as you follow me, I can assure you of a bright future!"

The young man burst out in laughter as he walked towards Violet.


ncient sects in the Middle Pilgrim Land. It was no big deal for him to have the Yuwen Clan as an addition to his enemy list.

"Let's go! We have to hurry up!"

Austin, along with the three others, turned into shadows and headed for the core area of the Red Tide Land.

What just happened seemed nothing to them as they were used to Austin behaving that way.

Meanwhile, in the Red Tide Land, almost all the Contact Jade Slip of the disciples of the Yuwen Clan received a message.

It included a sentence and four images.

The sentence read, "These people killed the disciples of the Yuwen Clan. We need to hunt them down."

The images were of Austin, Caroline, Violet, and the gnome.


In the Red Tide Land, a tall and handsome young man with a ferocious face gnashed his teeth. He was holding a Contact Jade Slip in his hand.

"What's wrong, Larry?"

a graceful and beautiful woman beside him asked.

"Hmmm, that guy Martin just killed another two of our clan's disciples just now!"

Larry replied, completely frustrated.

"That Martin again?!"

Belinda was startled upon hearing him.

"Larry, we must not let Martin off the hook!"

Belinda thought of her burnt cultivation mountain, and her face immediately turned sour.

"Don't worry. Our Yuwen Clan will definitely not let him live long.

With our family background and status, how can we just sit around when someone is shamelessly provoking us?"

There was an intention to kill in Larry's eyes as he spat those words.

"Come on! Let's continue to look for the Red Tide Palace.

You don't have to worry about Martin."

After he finished speaking, Larry rushed forward with Belinda and their followers tailing him behind.

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