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   Chapter 2046 Parting Ways

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I'll tell you."

In the end, Stacy had to give in. She released the spiritual sense and sent a massage into Kimberly's Soul Sea, telling her everything she knew about Austin.

After reading the information on Austin, Kimberly glared at him with her beautiful eyes, furious at what she discovered.

Austin could only give her a faint smile as he was embarrassed at Kimberly's stare.

"Austin, right? Humph! This is not over!"

At last, Kimberly turned and rushed forward.

He just smiled bitterly and followed her, disregarding the fact that she knew his real identity.

The rest of the disciples nearby also rushed forward, killing tons of terrifying red demonic mice on their way.

About an hour later.

"The number of red demonic mice seems to be getting less!"

someone shouted excitingly.

Every warrior jeered with sheer joy upon hearing the news.

Indeed, the number of those beasts reduced every second.

A moment later, there was finally no more red demonic mice.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

Everyone felt relieved, heaving a couple of sighs.

They had fought for almost two hours and were starting to grow tired.

As a result, they all sat down cross-legged and took out all kinds of pills and treasures to restore their energy.

After a short moment of rest, everyone stood up.

"The rats just now were so frightening!"

someone exclaimed.

"Yes! Who would have thought that rats could be that scary?

I hope there would be no more danger in this Red Tide Land,"

someone uttered.

"You wish.

It was just a beginning.

The real challenge is still yet to come.

If someone wants to get the inheritance talent of the red demonic mouse, he or she has to go through a real and grueling fight.

To tell you the truth, those beasts were just the tip of the iceberg.

Most of the people here will die as we go deeper. Just wait and see!"

a master from an ancient force of the Middle Pilgrim Land warned the crowd with a snort.

The ancient forces in the Middle Pilgrim Land had a long history, and they had collected many ancient books about various mysterious places.



"Princess Kimberly, please come with us,"

he suggested, honestly feeling slightly worried about her.

"No, thanks.

I can do it on my own.

If we work together and get the martial arts inheritance of the red demonic mouse, who would have it? You, or me?

So we better separate and look for our own opportunities,"

Kimberly curtly responded.

With that, she quickly moved away without another word.

Austin, who could only watch as she took off, didn't insist.

"Austin, what Kimberly said makes sense. I'll work alone too,"

Stacy said before moving away in an instant.

Then Bray and other people also bid farewell to Austin.

At last, only Violet, the gnome, and Caroline stayed with him.

"Well, let them be. Come on. Let's move out."

He then led the way for the three of his companions.

"The people upfront, wait!"

someone shouted a moment later.

Austin and three others were stunned. They immediately stopped on their tracks and turned around.

Two young men in sackcloth were about to catch up with Austin. They were both at the premium stage of Major-perfection Realm. They exuded a robust vital energy force.

"How about we go together? We can look after one another,"

one of them proposed with a grin.

"Oh? Go together? I'm sorry, but the four of us are enough. I don't want to let any other people join us,"

Austin refused bluntly without a second thought.

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