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   Chapter 2045 He Can't Be A Follower!

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Under the crowd's gaze, that figure steadily became clearer and clearer. At last, an image of a young man appeared in front of everyone.

"Which school is this disciple from?"

Elder Mickey, one of the elders from the Rose Finch School, queried while looking at the elders and stewards of the other three schools.

"It's him!"

Two elders and five stewards of the Blue Dragon School immediately recognized the young man.

It was Martin Xiao from the Blue Dragon School.

Surprised, the two elders and five stewards looked at each other with their mouths agape.

As the senior leaders of their school, they all knew the true identity of the follower who went by the name Martin Xiao.

He was none other than Austin Lin from the East Mainland!

Besides, it was Anderson who decided to put Austin into the Blue Dragon School.

In fact, the latter had been admitted as a formal disciple of their school. However, due to some incidents, Austin missed the day of gathering and didn't make it to the school in time. He then managed to disguise himself and enter the school as a new student's follower.

Elder Chris later found out about this and suggested that Austin should continue to toughen himself first as a follower. If he performed well as a follower, the leaders then would consider restoring his identity as a disciple.

Elder Chris was always in charge of the recruitment process in the East Mainland. Moreover, he was a respected and powerful person in the Blue Dragon School. Since he suggested so, the other top leaders had no objection at all.

"Ha-ha! Elder Mickey, he is from our Blue Dragon School.

But I'm afraid you won't believe it if you know who he really is.

He is just a mere follower of a new disciple.

This young man is not the kind of disciple you're expecting,"

Elder Landon from the Blue Dragon School uttered with a smile.

"A follower?!" All the elders and stewards of the other three schools were completely stunned at his words.

'No way! Elder Landon must be lying, ' they all thought to themselves.

Tevin, who was from the Rose Finch School, also listened to the elders' conversation and he, too, was completely stunned.

"No way!

How could he be a follower?"

he murmured, seeming

ill those rats rushing in front of him, one after another.

Meanwhile, everyone was relieved to see him taking the lead.

Kimberly, Stacy, Violet, the gnome, and everyone else following him seemed to be at ease.

Most of these people had been Austin's friends and had known that he was just way too strong for this task.

Among them, only Kimberly knew Austin not long ago.

At that moment, she gazed at Austin from behind with shock and disbelief.

"Oh, my God!

He even killed a seeded disciple!"

Her mouth was agape in absolute shock.

She used to know that he was terrible in combat, and even stronger than an ordinary disciple.

But now, she felt that she still underestimated him in great lengths.

In the history of the Blue Dragon School, there had never been a follower who killed a seeded disciple.

"Stacy, be honest with me. Who is that guy?

Don't lie to me. I know you have known him way longer than I do!

Tell me!

If you don't, we won't be friends anymore!"

Kimberly asked after she flew to Stacy and pinched her right ear hard.

Driven mad by her curiosity, Kimberly couldn't hold it any longer and decided to find out the true identity of her follower.

"Hey, Kimberly, don't pinch me so hard!"

Stacy screamed when she felt the sharp pain in her right ear.

"Tell me!

Otherwise, I won't let you off!"

Kimberly shouted frustratingly.

'Oh? What's happening with those two?'

The two ladies made everyone turn their heads and wonder.

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