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   Chapter 2044 Who Did This To You

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Everyone, including the elders and stewards from their rival schools, fixed their full attention towards Elder Landon of the Blue Dragon School.

"Yes, we selected only three seeded disciples,"

Elder Landon said while shaking his head.

The elders and stewards from other three schools laughed in mockery of Elder Landon.

"Your seeded disciples have given quite a spectacle during the last set of trials.

Sadly, that will not be the case today. I bet that everything will go downhill from there, both for your students and your school. Oh, how pitiful!"

an elder from Black Tortoise School said with a smirk.

"Humph! Let us not jump into conclusions. It is too early to predict who goes home victorious. When the day ends, let us see who gets the last laugh,"

Elder Landon of the Blue Dragon School retorted, evidently displeased with how they were being treated.

Despite the exchange of hostilities, he chose to speak no further. He had accepted the fact that their students were indeed weaker compared to their competitors' students.

Their pool of candidates were too limited that only three of them were qualified to be seeded disciples. This was the real difficulty faced by Blue Dragon School's top-level management.

On the other hand, the White Tiger School, the Rose Finch School, and the Black Tortoise School were all able to delegate at least eight seeded disciples.

Blue Dragon School had lackluster students, and this was a glaring fact.

The elder of Rose Finch School laughed out loud.

"Elder Landon, you are right. Let us wait and see. Still, I find it difficult to believe that your new students will do well in this trial.

Anyway, I have faith in our school and our students. I know they will not let us down.

Our ten seeded disciples are indomitable, to say the least. I don't think anyone could match them," the elder of Rose Finch School said proudly.

The other elders and the stewards frowned at his statement.

"Elder Mickey, I hope you are saying this out of pure confidence, and not from sheer arrogance.

Would you care to tell me, what makes you think that your students will win?" an elder from the White Tiger School argued.

"Just wait and see.

You will soon learn how our new recruits possess much more vigor and vitality, compared to our previous ones.

Again, I shall warn you of our ten seeded disciples' incredible strength. No one of their age can defeat them,"

Elder Mickey declared with full confidence.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Suddenly, several beams of light flew past their warships. The rays were blindingly fast.

All eyes were focused on the lights that had then passed, elders and stewards alike.

"Those must be students and followers w


"Fewer of our students have been sent back compared to yours.

I told you, didn't I? Our kids are the strongest among the new students in our four martial arts schools.

Now you see? I wasn't bragging,"

Elder Mickey said triumphantly.

Just then, a beam of white light landed on the ship of the Rose Finch School and a figure took into shape slowly.

Elder Mickey who was laughing turned to look at the person and was thunderstruck.

"Tevin Jiang!

It's you! What happened? How did you end up like this?"

Elder Mickey asked in confusion.

Tevin was one of the ten seeded disciples of the Rose Finch School. Expectations for him were high as he was one of their best students. Moreover, the school's top-level management had provided him with more than adequate resources and training opportunities.

But he got killed and was sent back in such a short time.

"I'm sorry for failing you, elder. I got killed," Tevin said, as he clenched his fists and dug his fingernails into his palms.

Recalling what had just happened, he couldn't help trembling with anger.

"Elder Mickey, didn't you just say that the ten seeded disciples in your school are invincible?

How come one of them got killed so soon?"

an elder of the White Tiger School said in a sarcastic tone, laughing wildly.

"Who did this to you?

Is he one of the seeded disciples from other three schools?" asked the Elder Mickey from the Rose Finch School, looking at Tevin.

He couldn't accept that one of his most favored seeded disciples would be take down by others.

"I'll show you."

As Tevin waved his hand, he unleashed a beam of his spiritual sense. He commanded this beam to form a figure that resembled his assailant.

All the elders and stewards of the four school stared at the figure formed by spiritual sense.

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