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   Chapter 2043 Don't Dare Breathe (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7386

Updated: 2020-02-03 05:46

"I can't help but admit that the power of the seeded disciple from the Rose Finch School really is sinister. Everybody would shudder and die, if not, be heavily defeated with that attack."

"Ever since entering the Blue Dragon School, Martin has shown exceptional talent in the learning of martial arts. He has also defeated many powerful disciples.

I have never imagined that he would die here today."

As they watched how Tevin used the Immortal Slaughter with their own eyes, they immediately sensed an obvious terrifying force.

Therefore, there was no doubt that most people believed that it would be undeniably difficult for Tevin's opponent to escape from death.

Boom! Without another warning, everyone was startled by the sudden noise that resounded in the air.

Their mouths were once more gaped wide open as they watched how one of Austin's arms grew bigger and bigger and was now as thick and as big as a flood dragon. His clenched fist had expanded into the size of a small mountain. All of a sudden, Austin waved it into the air, launching a violent force. The whole space quivered dramatically.

The space in front of Austin's fist started to form a crack that was succeeded on by another crack and did not stop spreading into the distance.

Another huge noise surprised everyone in sight.

The sound was like a sharp blade cutting through metal, and its piercing bang caused a seemingly endless buzz that made everyone cover their ears, afraid they would bleed.

Everyone gasped once more. Austin's fist was able to successfully block the force from the red light.

As the forces faded down in the arena, the fight had reached a stalemate due to the maintained temporary balance.

Austin's fist started to ache. After all, there was no denying that the power of the red light was indeed very violent.

However, to Austin's relief, the pain on his fist was the only thing that he could feel at this moment and nothing worse than that.

The crowd fell completely silent in shock. They didn't know what to say for they weren't any more certain about who was going to win this fight. Even Tevin felt completely shocked by the scene in front of him, but he did not

An elder from the Rose Finch School suddenly burst into fits of exaggerated laughter, making the two elders turn their attention towards him in confusion.

As his laughter faded down, he said, "How silly of you, you bold old man! Stop talking big in front of me!

During my visit to the White Tiger School last time, I have met all the eight seeded disciples.

As I observed and watched how they fought, in terms of overall qualities, I guarantee that they are no match to the seeded disciples in our Rose Finch School.

Just wait and see. The ten seeded disciples of the Rose Finch School will definitely be the best ones in this year's trial. I'm not scaring any of you, but I have to mention the possibility of them being able to slaughter every opponent they will meet, garnering a satisfying victory from all of the seeded disciples from the other three schools."

Another elder of the Rose Finch School, who was keeping silent all the time, felt quite embarrassed by the sudden huge boast of his fellow elder. To steer the boat away, he turned to Elder Landon of the Blue Dragon School and asked an unexpected question.

"Oh, by the way, Elder Landon, I heard that there are only three seeded disciples selected from all the new disciples of the Blue Dragon School.

What happened to you this year? Are your new disciples that bad in general? Is it really true that only three of them have qualified to be seeded disciples of your Blue Dragon School?"

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