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   Chapter 2042 Don't Dare Breathe (Part One)

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Without any warning, the golden spear exploded. Not only did the spear explode, but also the long pole that stood behind it was completely shattered with a huge flash.

Intending to test the strength of the so-called seeded disciple, Austin released the most of his physical strength.

As the violent swing of the fist released its power, the air stirred, and the impact could easily be felt despite the ripples being unseen. All the people around had their eyes and mouth wide open in shock.

Due to the impact, something inside the seeded disciple of the Rose Finch School had cracked.

The young man trembled dramatically and could do nothing but step back a few paces in succession due to the blow. His arms began to twist and ache, and as the power ran through the spear, his face immediately turned pale and colorless.

Shaking, the young man turned to look at the remnants of his spear. The golden spear was his secret weapon that was cast with rare and precious materials, but in front of Austin, it was not able to ward off at least one punch from Austin before it was instantly smashed to pieces. The spear that he longed to use was nothing but dust now.

The seeded disciple turned to his opponent and realized how strong he was.

At that very moment, it was not difficult to imagine how powerful the physical strength of the enemy in front of him was. He knew that one small careless move would lead to his doom.

A short while before, some disciples from the Rose Finch School arrived and immediately recognized this man named Tevin, who was no doubt a famous seeded disciple from their school.

"Oh my God, what happened?

Isn't that Tevin, the seeded disciple of our school?

I can't believe that he was forced to retreat. Is his opponent also a seeded disciple from another school?"

"Of course, the person fighting against Tevin must be another seeded disciple. No other ordinary disciple can force Tevin to retreat like that."

In the scene, there were also some disciples from the Blue Dragon School.

"Did you see that? That was awesome, man! Martin was able to fight the seeded disciple from the Rose Finch School, and to top that, he was ab

etween Tevin and his opponent, the fleeting red light still found this short and immediately reached its target.

The gloomy red light came and darted towards Austin's neck. He was immediately shrouded in redness. Every inch of his skin was completely dyed red as if he was kissed by the red evening sunlight.

Everyone watching protected their eyes from the glare. Not long after, the red light flashed around Austin, and with it, bright red fogs appeared flowing nearby. Austin was now in a ball of red light and fog. Once more, the stunned audience could not help but keep their eyes on the fight despite the flashing light.

With goose bumps covering every inch of his lower body, Austin suddenly felt fear at that moment. He flinched as he started to feel pain, tingling on his skin.

Everyone gasped and held their breath as they wondered their fates if they were in Austin's place right now. Surely, they would have been immediately killed by the red light.

The red light grew and progressed even more, enough to dye every space and air nearby blood red. The red fogs seethed as if they were ash erupting out of a volcano, covering everything from view.

Everyone looked on and could not help but express their pity over Austin's incoming dreadful fate.

"Well, the result is evident now! Tevin will definitely be able to kill his opponent, and so the Rose Finch School will win!"

"Look at Martin! He's trembling in fear now. He is so doomed!"

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