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   Chapter 2041 The Encounter With A Seeded Disciple

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In an instant, Austin dashed towards them.

With all his might, Austin made it to Bray's side with flurry punches and kicks.

It was exactly two days ago when Austin practiced his Immortal Body Refining Formula to further his physical strength.

Given his physical status, Austin could easily kill a red demonic mouse with a single punch.

Austin overheard the conversation between the disciple and Bray. And to that, he sneered coldly.

"Well, if I say you are weak, then you are weak. Just admit it!

Do you think that hailing from the Middle Pilgrim Land makes you superior?

Well, now I am going to destroy your false sense of superiority!"

He then unleashed his full physical prowess. His aura blazed brightly like flame, forming innumerable dragons of blood essence that spiraled and roared all around the surface of his body.

Austin strode towards Bray and his companions. He stood vigorously before them, as if he were the deity of war.

"Kill him along with others!"

The disciple from the old sect of the Middle Pilgrim Land was not impressed with Austin. He commanded his followers to slaughter all of their enemies.


Six of his followers lunged aggressively at Austin.

Austin sneered.

A loud bang followed! He punched with all his strength, and for a second the sky turned black!


Blood splashed all over the ground. With a single blow, the followers were torn into pieces.

Some of the blood splashed onto the disciple, which surprised him a little. This made him realize that he had underestimated the man in front of him.

"Thank you, buddy!"

Bray said cheerfully as he saluted Austin.

"It's me, Austin!"

Austin told Bray through his spiritual sense.

"It's you..."

Bray immediately recognized Austin's voice. And out of pure joy, he had the urge to call Austin out loud.

"Do not expose my identity for the time being,"

Austin stopped him at once.


Great! I'm not afraid of anything now!"

Bray managed to stop at once and didn't expose Austin's identity, but he could not help but giggle a little.

Austin's presence made him b

ke me scared? Well, then I would like to see what kind of power you possess as a seeded disciple!"

With a loud shout, Austin leaped into the air like a mighty dragon and pounced on that Rose Finch School's seeded disciple.

Austin's body soon became shrouded with huge dragons of blood. The dragons soared into the air. The sight of it was supernatural.

Austin displayed the bodily movement skill he had created. He moved so fast that he appeared in front of that seeded disciple in an instant.


Austin's punch was so powerful, it could tear up the sky. The aura around him was like fire, burning and dazzling. This blow's power was beyond comparison.

The seeded disciple felt Austin's physical strength, and it was beyond his expectation.

He instantly turned serious. He took out a divine weapon and set it in front of him.

It was a spear, with flowing light that brightened the sky. It burst out in the air with a blow, and the crack spread for miles. It was extremely powerful.


Austin's punch hit directly on the tip of the spear. The collision did not scathe his fist. Instead, a dazzling light exploded from the contact.

The golden spear that he punched broke into hundreds of pieces that shot in all directions.

Suddenly, the shards rained onto the ground like a meteor shower. It was gorgeous and amazing. The scene was somewhat large, making this ground riddled with holes.

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