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   Chapter 2040 The Bloody Fight

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Not far away from the crowd, the surging vital energy force that was like a vast sea erupted constantly. It was done by a tall and handsome red-haired young man.

"Kill!" he shouted.

He then rushed forward towards the mice like a flash of lightning.

"Look! That's Waylon Zhu! He is the seeded disciple of the White Tiger School," shouted someone nearby.

He was able to recognize the red-haired young man as soon as he saw him.

"He is going to fight with the mice. My God! His strength is indeed worthy of his reputation. The aura he has just burst out is too terrifying!"

'Seeded disciple?' thought Austin to himself.

He stared at Waylon Zhu who was immersed in tremendous formidable vital energy force.

Although it had been a while since Austin had entered the Blue Dragon School, he had never asked nor inquired about any disciple's background or information.

It was the first time that he heard such a term as 'seeded disciple.'

While Austin was still lost in his thoughts, Waylon Zhu made his move and attacked the mice.

He opened his mouth and gave out a low shout. The next moment, a flame from the green vital energy force spurted out. Consequently, several red diabolic mice exploded in front of him.

He slaughtered his enemies like a ferocious tiger that pounced on a flock of weak sheep.

Waylon Zhu was too fierce. He was like a sharp knife that cut through the thousands of troops on the battlefield. No beast could even stop him.

Though there were large and dense mice in the field, Waylon Zhu didn't mind them. The mice even opened their mouths to expose their creepy fangs and scare him but they still couldn't stop him from marching forward.

He killed all the mice in his way wildly and confidently!

When the others saw what happened, their morale boosted. Being inspired by Waylon Zhu, they also rushed forward and dealt with the mice like brave dragons.

"Kill!" shouted Kimberly.

At that moment, she also looked heroic and mighty. With a wave of her hand, she led the way and roared forward towards the mice.

Austin and the others followed her and also rushed forward.

Terrible fighting broke out on the battlefield. The shouts and roars reverberated all throughout the place. Although the red diabolic mice were ferocious and they rushed out like a flood, they didn't frighten the disciples and followers. Instead, they all rushed forward and fought fiercely.

No one had expected that they would encounter the most terrible surge of beasts the moment they

his body. These dragons made him look very eerie.

Not long ago, Bray had a war of words with some disciples of some ancient sects in the Middle Pilgrim Land on a ship. Apparently, they became his enemies.

The disciple who had just shouted was one of them. That was why when he saw Bray a while ago, his eyes became cold and he stared at him with a sneer.

"Humph! Don't you know that the so-called weak men are those from the Middle Pilgrim Land? Are you still not convinced?" retorted Bray.

Unfortunately, he was not the type of person who would give in easily.

"Ha ha! Based on the power that you have shown? You are nothing but a waste! How dare you be so stubborn in front of me!" shouted the disciple again.

A murderous look flashed through his eyes.

"Anyway, since you are already here, I will kill you as well. Today you will know who really is weak!" he added.

He then prepared to attack Bray.

He would really kill him this time.

No one had ever humiliated him before just like what Bray did. For him, it was unacceptable.

"Master, you don't have to kill this loser by yourself. Let us do it for you," said one of his followers.

The remaining five followers who were beside the man also nodded in agreement.

They were all itching to start the fight.

These followers came from the powerful sects of the Middle Pilgrim Land, so they naturally looked down on Bray who was only a disciple from the East Mainland.


The disciple nodded.

Since his followers volunteered, the disciple would let them have the pleasure of killing this man from the East Mainland.

"Go to hell, brat!"

The six followers closed in on Bray immediately.

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