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   Chapter 2039 The Red Demonic Mouse Tide

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Fortunately, everyone had a Lifesaving Teleportation Rune. So anyone who would be killed in the battle could still be revived.

The rune boosted everyone's confidence, so they all continued with their journey. They carefully looked at the map in their hands, and there was a Red Tide Land that was marked on it. Then they used their bodily movement skills and went towards its direction.

Suddenly, countless fierce figures rushed out, and the sound of fierce wind was continuously heard from the ground.

These students were outstanding cultivators from the younger generation, and their bodily movement skills were much faster compared to the normal disciples from the Divine Continent.

Four hours later, the group came some place.

"I can see something. It must be the Red Tide Land ahead!"

a student announced loudly.

Everyone immediately slowed down and carefully observed their surroundings.

They looked ahead and saw a boundless brown-red land that was home to a rich grey demonic aura.

There was a storm of an evil spirit in the horizon that was constantly whimpering as if there were countless of ghosts that were crying and howling.

The position of the Red Tide Land was accurately marked on the map, and it was just right ahead of them.

It was already night time, and the sky was full of stars. They were now heading towards the scarlet brown earth that was full of murderous intent.

Everyone trembled in fear, and they tried to move more carefully. They all wore a grim expression as they walked warily into the depth of the land.

The students were very cautious with their actions because there were red diabolic mice that lived in the Red Tide Land.

They were informed by a white-haired old man that the red demonic mice that inhabited the Red Tide Land were not the pure-blooded ones from the ancient time.

Although these red demonic mice had weak blood power, they were still descendants of one of the ten ancient chaotic creatures in ancient times.

So no one should underestimate the power of the red diabolic mice.

The red diabolic mice existed in the Red Tide Land from the very start. They were considered as one of ten major ancient chaotic creatures in ancient times, and their strength was beyond descrip

t. Each of the red demonic mice was as big as a water bull. Their whole body was covered with red fur, and their teeth looked ghastly white in their big blood-red mouths. They were rushing towards the cultivators at full speed with their scarlet eyes wide open.

The students of the four major schools didn't know how they would fight the red demonic mice because they were greatly outnumbered by them.

Everyone was terrified.

The red demonic mouse was not an ordinary diabolic beast. Each of these red diabolic mice had a little heritage from one of the ten ancient chaotic creatures, and their blood power was very formidable.

Some of the timid students became very scared. Their legs wobbled as they tried to turn back.

"Everybody! Calm down, and don't be afraid. Let's all fight together!

We can deal with one single red demonic mouse, but we should be cautious of their teeth.

The teeth are the most dreadful part of the red demonic mice. They are even comparable to the ultimate magical treasure to some extent.

So we must avoid their teeth when we are fighting against them!"

someone shouted.

The speaker was a member of an ancient sect in the Middle Pilgrim Land. He obviously heard something about the red demonic mouse.

"That's right. We can fight against these red demonic mice as long as we work together. Actually, it will not be hard to kill them with our strength,"

shouted another man.

Their words encouraged everyone, and their fighting spirit started to burn.

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