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   Chapter 2038 The Task

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Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The warships of the other three schools had also arrived.

A total of four gigantic warships descended and floated in the air.

From a closer distance, everyone saw the world more clearly.

Its topography was rich, and it looked just the same as the Divine Continent.

"What are those?"

someone asked in sheer curiosity.

On the horizon far away, a red shadow flashed and quickly turned into a red dot.

"Look! It's a rat!"

When it materialized before the four warships, everyone saw its real appearance.

It turned out to be a mouse. It was as big as a water bull with red fur all over its body. In a heartbeat, it rushed towards the golden warship of the Blue Dragon School and clanged on it.


A crisp metal trembling sound blared, and sparks fiercely splashed between the red-furred beast's teeth.

People were utterly shocked and thought if the monster was powerful.

The golden warship was not an ordinary thing at all. It had not only very sturdy material but also had many advanced arrays.

Yet the mouse was not killed or lest hurt when it came in contact with the warship.

"Everyone, don't look down upon this mouse. It's very powerful!"

an elder warned sternly.

Many creatures within the Astral World of martial arts materialized, most of which originated from very remote ancient times and fell under the category of rare demonic and diabolic beasts. Many of them were already extinct in the outside world.

Even if one met an ant in the Astral World, he still ought to be careful. Otherwise, it just might kill him without any sign.


Before the elder could do anything, the red-haired monster glowed and dissipated, disappearing into the ground.


Everyone was utterly surprised.

"This red-haired mouse is so powerful. It knows how to hide under the ground so quickly."

All of them who witnessed the same thing was extremely amazed.

Although any mouse could dig a hole into the ground, which was their inherent talen

ugh and navigate the earth with ease.

Also, you can absorb the earth's power to improve your fight capability exponentially.

As one of the ten ancient chaotic creatures, the secret inheritance skill of the red demonic mouse is mighty. So, don't you dare underestimate it!"

the old man with grey hair snorted and rebuked loudly.

It was one of the ten ancient chaotic beasts!

All of a sudden, many of the disciples gasped in astonishment.

Apparently, many of the disciples had heard about the legend of the ancient chaotic creature.

They knew how terribly powerful the ancient chaotic creatures were.

All of a sudden, the booing of the students stopped, and nobody dared to degrade the red demonic mouse anymore.

Just being among the ten ancient chaotic creatures made everyone treat them with great respect. They knew that this kind of rat was an extraordinary beast.

"All right. The detailed location of the Red Tide Land is marked in your map.

Now you can start.

Remember, you can kill each other.

Of course, those who have been killed will not actually die, but will just be transferred back to the warship,"

the white-haired old man announced.

They could kill each other!

Everyone gasped after hearing the old man's words.

It meant that the journey this time would be extremely bloody and challenging.

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