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   Chapter 2037 Arrival

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After a short while, not only Violet and Caroline but also the Peacock Princess, Bray, Rahul, and other disciples from the Flame Holy Land asked Stacy about Austin.

In order not to trouble Stacy too much, Austin asked Violet to tell those guys that he was safe and he would come soon.

Therefore, Violet told all of them about Austin's status.

Since they all knew the relationship between Austin and Violet, they had believed her. As a matter of fact, they now felt relieved knowing that Austin was just fine.

"Ha-ha! If I were you, I'd better stop dreaming that Austin would still come to the Blue Dragon School. It has been a month."

"Yes, that's right. Austin has offended too many people. Who knows, he might have been killed already."

"Hump! Even if he is still alive, do you think he can still come to the Blue Dragon School with his ridiculous talent?"

"I agree. Austin's talent in martial arts is so low. He is just a rubbish."

"Well, I think he has only qualified to enter the Blue Dragon School because of his relationship with the master."

"Austin definitely doesn't deserve to qualify in any of the four major schools. He is absolutely not like us."

At this time, some students and followers from the three holy lands and the three noble clans of the East Mainland began to spoke ill of Austin.

These people held a deep grudge against Austin so it was already expected that they were overjoyed when they had learned that Austin had not enrolled to the Blue Dragon School.

"Humph! Austin is lucky that he did not come to the Middle Pilgrim Land. Otherwise, he will be buried alive in this place!"

"But it is also useless for him to just hide in the East Mainland. How can we have the opportunity to kill him?"

"If I can have a free time, I will definitely go to the East Mainland and kill him!"

Soon enough, several students and followers from the ancient sects of the Middle Pilgrim Land also started to ridicule Austin. A strong killing intent was obvious in their eyes. Each of them was aiming to kill Austin with their own hands in the future.

"Damn it! Why are you so arrogant? You can only act brave because he is not here. How I wish Austin is really here so you can all tell that to

n along the road at a very high speed.

However, the passageway was thin, translucent and somewhat blurry. In a daze, they seemed to see the time flowed. It was like a long river that passed through time.

Austin knew that this was a very brilliant spatial teleportation passageway. It could even penetrate barriers between different worlds.

Behind them, the warships of the other three major schools also landed on the altar and then disappeared. It only meant that they had already started to teleport.

After a long travel, the golden warship of the Blue Dragon School suddenly shook and halted.

Finally, they had reached their destination.

The students and the followers on-board thought that they were already in the Astral World since the warship stopped moving forward.

They all gathered excitedly at the edge of the deck and looked around.

To his surprise, a sense of death and desolation from the ancient times overwhelmed Austin.

But when he looked around, all he could see was countless mountains, rivers, and plains.

The boundless mountains and primitive forests covered the earth. The towering old trees stood mightily and blotted out the sky and sun.


Suddenly, a terrifying roar of a beast was heard from a distant horizon. The surging sound made the whole place quiver like waves.

Because of the earth-shaking roars of the beasts, the world that had been deadly silent began to whirl. Everything looked like a scene from a savage era.

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