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   Chapter 2036 The Reunion

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Finally, the golden warship had come to a relatively quiet area after a long journey.

The place was so cold and dark. It seemed to give off a feeling of depression to everyone.

Since it was all dark, people could only see things within the distance of one thousand meters.

No one could see anything farther. The place was like a dark abyss.

Even if they would use their spiritual sense, it still couldn't check anything at a farther distance.

"There is a space altar up ahead. It is the passageway to the Astral World," said an elder of the Blue Dragon School to the crowd on the deck.

Just a few moments later, a huge altar emerged in front of them. It was hanging in the cold air.

The altar was long. However, it was a little old and desolate. Its surface was covered with mottled black holes.

It probably had been floating in this sky for years. No one could tell how many vicissitudes had it already experienced. But the altar was giving a strong sense of history. At the same time, it was also giving people a sense of desolation because things here were all totally different from the world where they'd come from.

"This altar is our entrance to the Astral World," said the elder again.

"Elder, where exactly is the Astral World located? Why do we have to use this teleportation altar to get there? Can't our ship just sail until there?" asked one student.

He couldn't restrain his curiosity so he asked.

Actually, everything they had experienced in this journey was all new to him.

"The exact location of the Astral World is actually in the void of this sky. However, there is a space barrier there," explained the elder with a smile.

"Even a great master at Immortal Transforming Realm could hardly break through that space barrier, let alone us. So we can only get there through this teleportation altar," he added.

Now, the student had finally understood.

It was another piece of information he learned today that he must always take note.

"Okay. I get it now," replied the student with a shy smile.

Not only the student but also the other disciples and followers were enlightened at once. They all now felt fresh and excited.

As a matter of fact, when they had entered the Blue Dragon School, they were not only amazed by the large amount of resources they could get for cultivation but also by the extraordinary cultivation methods and martial arts skills they could learn there. What's more, the stage they were going to face in the future was totally different from what they had experienced in the past.

"Let's just wait for the other three schools to arrive so we can get in together," said the elder

He was also able to communicate with Austin this time.

"Master, when I came to the Black Tortoise School, I heard that you hadn't come to the Blue Dragon School. I thought something had happened to you so I was planning to go back to the East Mainland with the gnome. What really happened to you?"

Violet couldn't hide the trace of worry in her voice.

She had been waiting for this opportunity to come - that she could hear from Austin again.

Fortunately, she was now able to communicate with him through their spiritual sense.

Austin told Violet and the gnome about everything that had happened to him in just a short period of time.

While Violet and Austin were talking through their spiritual sense, someone spoke up from the other warship.

"Stacy, has Austin really not come to the Blue Dragon School yet?" asked a woman to Stacy in a really sweet voice.

That woman was Caroline!

Austin saw Caroline on the warship of the Rose Finch School. It was just next to the Blue Dragon School warship as well.

Caroline was also looking at the warship of the Blue Dragon School anxiously. Apparently, she was looking for Austin too.

Without waiting for Stacy to answer, Austin immediately sent a message to Caroline with his spiritual sense.

Upon hearing Austin's message, Caroline's face lit up. A sweet smile curved on her beautiful face. The hint of anxiety in her eyes were gone immediately.

Austin and Caroline then told each other about their experiences during this period of time.

When Stacy saw the expressions on both Martin and Caroline's faces, the last doubt she had in her heart had dispelled.

She was now very sure that Martin was really Austin.

When she thought about it, Stacy couldn't help giving Austin a long hard look.

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