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   Chapter 2035 The Beautiful Scenery Of The Outer Region

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Outside of the school, the large square was quickly filling as people poured in.

The crowd was made up of more than 600 new students that had joined the Blue Dragon School.

Among them, 400 new students came from the East Mainland, the West Desert, the South Mountain, and the North Plateau. The other students traveled from the Middle Pilgrim Land.

In addition, the new students brought along some of their own followers. The excitement to go to the Astral World was so large that no one could turn down the opportunity.

To gain an advantage, some of the new students brought five or six followers with them.

This caused the square to swell with over a thousand people. They pushed and shoved, trying to gain some elbow-space as they waited for the journey to begin.

The commotion of a giant warship appearing over their heads and descending was nearly covered up by all the chatter. It parked in the center of the square and everyone nearby had to scatter.

Taking it in, they realized the ship was a golden, mighty warship. Waves of energy rolled off of it and caused the people's hair to ripple. As a preventative measure, several attacking and defending arrays had been placed on it.

As soon as some of the students tried to approach the ship and touch it, the elders and five stewards arrived at the same time. With a wave, they summoned the new students to enter the warship.

After several minutes, everyone was boarded and the golden warship flew into the air and turned into a golden light, speeding away from the Blue Dragon School.

The diameter of the warship was as large as an island. On the deck, students all stood, pointing excitedly at the mountains and rivers so far below them.

Austin explored the warship, keeping track of the people he encountered. So far, he had come across many students from the East Mainland.

There were also disciples of the top sects such as the three holy lands, the three prominent clans, and others.

There were also a few disciples from the Flame Holy Land and those disciples from the sects which were in the alliance with the Flame Holy Land.

As the warship began to ascend, other giant ships flew out from the White Tiger School, the Rose Finch School, and the Black Tortoise School of the Divine C

t them through before they were crumbled.

"Now, we have officially entered the depths of the outer region,"

an elder said to the new students and followers.

Throughout the turmoil, the students and followers had become so shaken that they were as white as ghosts.

Some of the more timid people had even fainted.

Austin was shocked to witness the other students so afraid.

The outer region was extremely dangerous and

Austin understood that

if it hadn't been for the fact that the golden warship of the Blue Dragon School was so powerful, the people on it would have been dead.

"Is this the outer region?"

Now that it was calm, the new students and followers had approached the deck again and were examining the beautiful scenery ahead of them.

Everything was so green and bright, and it looked like unexplored land.

The endless space was dotted with shining stars that twinkled back in their eyes.

The only part of the outer region that seemed tainted was the presence of numerous skeletons. There were human beings', diabolic beasts', and rare species' bones that they had never seen or heard of. All of them were floating in the air around them.

Among them were many broken weapons and flags that were faintly emitting power.

"It is said that it was once a battlefield, and so many bones and incomplete weapons were left here.

But remember, don't touch them. We will be in great danger if we do so,"

an elder warned when he saw how surprised and eager everyone looked.

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