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   Chapter 2034 Did You Know Each Other

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Instead of listening to Austin, many of the students started yelling back in protest and refused to give him so much as a crumb.

Anger built in him as the first-level students who had entered the Blue Dragon School threw violent and taunting words at his face.

The rest seemed unbothered; they turned and began to walk away.

It was clear from their defiance that they weren't frightened by Austin. Despite him being immensely powerful, he wasn't an official student; therefore, he wouldn't try and stop them.

However, Austin had other thoughts that were running through his head.

A sneer wrinkled his face as he charged towards the students who were about to leave using the bodily movement skill he had created. When he was halfway there, he released his physical strength.

Helpless, they were kicked and thrown back to the rest of the angry group. Not a single one managed to slip past and escape.

They quickly came to terms with the fact that their skills were too low to outrun him.

Beaten black and blue by Austin, the students that had fought back slumped and some of them collapsed on the ground.

Like many others, they had underestimated Austin. He didn't care about them and he was definitely willing to hurt them to get what he wanted. Out of options, they lined up and paid him reluctantly.

Although the students felt humiliated and upset, they still did what Austin said because none of them were strong enough to fight him. If they didn't pay him, they couldn't go anywhere.

After they had all paid him, they began to leave, sighing and slumping their shoulders.

As they went, Austin could hear many of them whispering advice among each other to avoid the mountain where Kimberly lived because there was an evil man named Martin Xiao staying there.

It didn't take long before the students had cleared out and the area around the mountain where Kimberly lived quieted down.

Sitting on the ground, Austin sorted and counted the resources he had gotten from the hundreds of students. He struggled to remain calm with so many items in his grasp.

Without hesitation, he put all the resources into a Space Ring.

"Take this! It's all the students' compensation," he said as he threw the ring at Kimberly. She caught it with one hand and frowned.


had a rest.

After all, we will leave for the Astral World tomorrow," Stacy replied with a grin at both of them.

They both watched her walk away until she disappeared without exchanging a single word.

"Martin, did you know Stacy before?"

Kimberly asked Austin in confusion.


That's not your concern.

You should also be getting some rest.

Otherwise, you might perform poorly in the Astral World,"

Austin said, turning on the spot and returning to his hut before she could reply.

Kimberly stayed still, looking at his house and gnashing her teeth in anger.

They were both being evasive and that only made Kimberly more suspicious.

Since her curiosity was aroused, she wished that she could get both Stacy and Austin back and force them to tell her what was going on between them.

"They are definitely hiding something from me!

I'm not going to let it go. If they don't tell me, I'll find it out for myself," Kimberly said to herself, stomping her foot against the ground.

After that, she gave up and returned to her small, wooden house to rest.

The next day, a gathering had formed outside of their houses.

All the new students in the Blue Dragon School were chattering nervously and excitedly.

Today, they were on their way to the Astral World for trials.

This trial was a competition among the new students.

If they performed well, they would win favor with the top-level management of the school and get more cultivation resources and training opportunities.

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