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   Chapter 2033 Blackmailing Again

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A pin drop silence surrounded the mountain where Kimberly lived.

No one was prepared to witness such fight.

One by one they started to exclaim in disbelief.

"OMG! That guy named Martin Xiao just defeated Kenneth in one blow!"

"I was certain that Martin would be dead by the end of this competition.

I have not anticipated this outcome.

I can't believe that Martin guy is strong enough to defeat such an excellent student in our school. This is unbelievable!

He is just a follower!"

All eyes were fixed on Austin. They still couldn't believe the situation.

A promising, and strong student whose name was on the Power Ranking Stela was severely injured by a new student's follower.

This was the first in the history of the Blue Dragon School.

Stacy and Kimberly had been ready to dash forward and help Austin against his enemy. They were now staring blankly at Austin with their mouths agape in surprise.

'Humph! I knew it.

Austin is the only one who can do that.'

Stacy was sure that Martin Xiao was actually Austin.

Among the young generations of the East Mainland, she was certain that only Austin was capable of such physical strength.

She firmly believed that only Austin could work wonders like this:

to defeat a master of the Power Ranking Stela in the Blue Dragon School as a follower.

'Humph, you brat! You had fooled me for so long. I will deal with you later!'

She was so furious that she raised her eyebrows, clenched her fist, gritted her teeth and glared at Austin all at once.

'Oh Jesus Christ!

I didn't expect my follower to be so powerful!'

Kimberly thought, completely baffled.

Steward Lee was also startled. He was hovering in the air far from the crowd.

'Ha-ha, no wonder Elder Chris thinks highly of this

tantly and stood in front of them.

"Who gave you permission to leave?

This is a private territory of Princess Kimberly. No one is allowed to break in without permission.

Since you barged in here, do you think I will let you leave as if nothing had happened?

You are too naive," Austin sneered while holding the Invincible Bow in his hand.

"That's not good! Martin is extorting us again!"

many students nearby carefully whispered as their faces changed.

These students were forced to pay Austin before they were allowed to leave last time. Upon hearing this, they knew what Austin was up to.

The fact that they had to pay Austin again upset them most.

What they heard next confirmed their speculation.

"So anyone within the mountain must pay some compensation if you want to leave.

Otherwise, don't blame me for being rude," Austin said in a booming voice.

He used his vital energy when he spoke so that everyone could hear him.

Dumbfounded, Kimberly gaped at Austin.

'He is plain crazy!'

she remarked surprisingly.

Stacy had been watching quietly since the time she recognized Austin.

She knew he wouldn't just let those people go so easily.

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