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   Chapter 2032 A Single Blow

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"You want to kill me? Butcher my arms and legs and put a spike in my head?

Ha-ha! You are delusional.

Arrogance will get you nowhere. It would be best for both of us if you return to where you came from while you still can."

Kenneth's face darkened when he heard Austin's gloating. He let out a loud laugh when he realized Austin's naivete.

Kenneth had been known to be a fierce fighter of the Power Ranking Stela. However, by this time, news had spread around the school that he postponed his practice to go to Kimberly's cultivation mountain to fulfill one purpose: to kill Martin.

Many recognized figures who were mostly first and second level students were identified dashing through the air towards Kimberly's cultivation mountain to see what would happen.

"Hold on! The last time I went to the cultivation mountain of Kimberly, I was victimized by his follower named Martin with his extortion. He stole a large sum of my valuable property!

I don't think it would be a good idea to break into the territory of Kimberly.

Plus, Martin will be there. He might devise another elaborate plan to steal from us just like the last time!"

some disciples reacted. They were doubtful of their ploy, and could not help but worry for the worst. Others could not blame them since most of them personally encountered Martin recently.

"Ha-ha. Do you really think that Martin will still be alive and kicking after this? Kenneth can rip him apart with his own bare hands!"

"Kenneth is a powerful cultivator who ranks forty-second on the Power Ranking Stela. It is known that he has been practicing seriously for the past two or three years. To be honest, with his real strength in battle, he deserves a higher ranking.

It is a no-brainer that he can and will kill that Martin this time.

As a matter of fact, it is unnecessary for you to worry about it,"

the other disciples answered to the anxious ones.

"Yes, you are right. Kenneth's fighting capacity is far greater than Tam's.

Martin should be no match for him.

Maybe we are just worrying too much."

The distressed disciples were convinced with the affirmation of the others. Everyone was now confident in their position knowing they had a Herculean ally like Kenneth.

Consequently, all the disciples immediately charged towards Kimberly's cultivation mountain and barged into the huts of the cultivating disciples at the foot of the mountain.

Meanwhile, Austin was calm as a millpond. He did not move a muscle as he focused on the figures flying and running nearby. Secretly, he could not help but feel a little joy.

"I am going to make a fortune this time,"

Austin said while trying to hold his smile.

At an instant, Austin floated high in the air, facing Kenneth from afar.

"Martin, he is a quite powerful cultivator who ranks 42nd in the whole Blue Dragon School.

Moreover, it is said that he has been cultivating in se

rushed to save Martin!

In the distant sky, Steward Lee who had been hiding for a while, showed his figure and was ready to save Martin with his martial arts skill.

But just then...

"Okay. I was just curious to know how strong he really is,"

Austin said with a smile.

In a blink of an eye, Austin moved as fast as lightning and threw out a punch with all his might!


The punch carried the power that seemed able to knock down the ionic pillar and collapse the sky immediately.

Austin's hit was powerful with tremendous force that it seemed like he could destroy the whole world!


The dreadful gale stirred up by his fist swept over, and the small world created by Kenneth completely shattered into pieces of golden powder that exploded all over the sky!

Austin's fist crushed everything. He hit Kenneth directly.

Puff! Puff! Puff!

Kenneth's clothes were snapped to pieces by the strong whirlwind stirred up by Austin's fist.

Crack, crack, crack!

A series of clear and terrible sounds of bone cracking rang out like firecrackers!

Every bone in Kenneth's body was cracked; his skin surface was torn and braised everywhere, while blood splashed from his lacerated wounds!


He flew backward like a broken sack and fell on the ground thousands of meters away as his body convulsed constantly.

Fortunately, Austin did not kill him. When his fist hit Kenneth, he withdrew most of his physical strength.

Even a cultivator at the Heavenly Grotto Realm would not have the guts to go against Austin's physical strength head-on, let alone Kenneth, who appeared to be much more inferior in strength.

This scene caused all the people around them to fall into a short silence.

No one spoke.

The fight ended in one move. In addition, the acclaimed Kenneth was seriously injured by a single punch from a junior named Martin.

Everything happened so fast that no one saw it coming.

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