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   Chapter 2031 Kenneth From The Universe Sect Is Coming

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Once inside the cottage, Austin directly teleported himself into the Slave Tower. There was no time to waste.

In there, he proceeded towards the arena on the eighth floor, intending to practice the Immortal Body Refining Formula. This was perhaps the safest place he could do so.

The secret room of the ninth floor was not an option at the moment because the thunder unicorn was still in a deep slumber.

In fact, the magical beast had shown no signs of waking up ever since it had eaten the thunder fruits. Perhaps it was hibernating and its body was using those fruits in the background.

In any case, Austin brought out the Pot of Chaos in the battle ring, along with more than nine thousand superior herbs above sixth grade and three semi-omnipotent herbs.

It was time to cultivate the Immortal Body Refining Formula.

At that moment, Kimberly was standing on the peak of the mountain far away from the hut Austin had gone into, and would occasionally glance at it curiously.

'Does this guy really need so many cultivation resources?

Or, is he lying to me about his plans and intending to sell them all and make a fortune? I'll never forgive him if he does that!'

Kimberly thought to herself.

Curious about his actions, she released her spiritual sense to check on Austin, trying to deduce what he was doing in his hut at the moment. What she perceived made her utter a small cry.

"Where'd he go? Where is he?

He entered the hut just now.

And I didn't see him leave," she muttered, looking puzzled.

This was curious indeed; but the matter was soon resolved.

She surmised that Austin had entered his magic treasure and was therefore, not visible.

"He is full of secrets,"

she murmured, shaking her head in confusion.

Twelve hours passed, and Austin could still be seen in the arena on the eight floor of the Slave Tower.

The scene had changed now, though.

A big herbal pot stood in the center of the arena, and a strong fragrance of herbs was wafting out from the little holes on the lid.

If someone were to wait for Austin right now, they would be bored very quickly and time would seem to pass rather slowly, since nothing much was going on the outside world.

Inside the Slave Tower, however, the lid of the pot was suddenly thrown open.

A figure slowly


And you, you're just a filthy little girl!" Kenneth replied brashly.

There was no way he would let Austin go, even on Kimberly's request.

"You …"

Kimberly flew into a rage upon hearing such insulting words.

However, she knew it was going to be impossible for her to match Kenneth.

Therefore, she immediately decided to send a message through the Contact Jade Slip secretly. Alone, she couldn't win this fight. With her allies, she would be strong.

Just then, a casual voice emanated from a hut on top of the mountain.

"The members of the Universe Sect have broken in here more than once. They come here and disturb our peace.

I have let this matter go for far too long. This time, I am going to break your hands and legs to teach the people of your sect a lesson."

The next moment, a young man emerged from the hovel. He ascended into the air unhurriedly and leisurely reached the same level as Kenneth, gazing at him coolly.

This young man was, of course, Austin.

"Don't worry. I am going to let the members of the Universe Sect know that no one is allowed to barge into your place."

Austin turned his head and smiled at Kimberly.

"Damn! That Martin Xiao is so arrogant. I mean he is talking to Kenneth like this? Does he know who the guy he is talking to?"

"I can't believe it. He's just a follower, yet he has the balls to challenge Kenneth."

"Wow, that's unbelievable.

I have been in this school for decades.

I don't think I've ever seen a follower like that."

The crowd started to gossip.

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