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   Chapter 2030 The Huge Price

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Kimberly was stunned by how much Austin was interested. She wanted to know if Austin would go with her or not. However, since she's also asking him for a huge favor, she sighed and replied, "Well, who knows whether or not there is really an immortal in the world?

Perhaps, there is or perhaps not. Keep in mind that everything is just hearsay.

Besides, we are still too weak to reach that level.

Maybe, one day, when we're strong enough, we'll know the answer."

Austin nodded and sighed in disappointment.

"You're right. We are still too weak."

"Still, we can't ignore the fact that the Astral World has become a famous place for cultivating ever since it was discovered and excavated by generations of great masters. We should not forget to look up to them.

Moreover, there were also great masters at Immortal Transforming Realm, who were proficient not just in array but also in ruling power. According to the characteristics of the rules of heaven and earth existing in the Astral World, these masters were able to invent a very precious Lifesaving Teleportation Rune.

As far as I heard, this Lifesaving Teleportation Rune was used to fake death and even teleportation in the Astral World.

To expound on its power, if one has this rune, the moment he or she is about to be killed, it will automatically be activated. This means that the rune is created to die for its owner and will teleport the owner out of the Astral World,"

Kimberly added. Besides, if there was someone who could tell more about these things, it would be Kimberly.

Since she came from an ancient clan in the Middle Pilgrim Land with a long history filled with power and strength, it was no wonder how she knew more about the Astral World than ordinary people.

"Wow! It's my first time hearing about this Lifesaving Teleportation Rune.

I can't believe that there is such a magical treasure in this world, and one that can actually help you cheat death at that,"

Austin responded after he gasped in shocked.

Kimberly shrugged. "Well, all in all, the Astral World is a really mysterious place, which is full of opportunities.

Moreover, it is very unpredictable. Sometimes, it is very peaceful, and the other times, it is said to be extremely dangerous. Everyone will have to rely on one's luck when in that place.

Then again, no matter if you are a strong person or just an ordinary person, everyone has the same chances of getting his or her own opportunity.

Well, I think I covered the necessary information, so Martin, do you want to go to the Astral World and join the battle with me?"

Knowing that Austin would keep asking about the Astral World, Kimberly knew she had to ask before he lost his interest.

Wanting Austin to go with he

up giving him this fortune.

"Wait, are you serious?

Are you really willing to give me that much?"

"Cut the modesty crap. I will make sure to give you what you need within the day."

Without waiting for his reply, Kimberly casted a sidelong glance as if she had made up her mind before she turned and walked away to prepare what Austin needed.

Austin smiled, and as he watched the attractive and graceful figure of Kimberly walk away from him, he said to himself, "Wouldn't you know? This woman is interesting."

Almost half a day later, Kimberly finally came to the hut where Austin was busy cultivating.

"Here, as promised."

She waved her hand, and a Space Ring immediately flew into the hut.

Austin took it and checked it with his spiritual sense. Kimberly really provided him with what he needed. There were more than two thousand superior herbs at or above the sixth level stored in the Space Ring.

Austin smiled at Kimberly and said, "Thank you. I owe you one for these.

Regardless of the form of the competition, I will do my best to help you get the best result and even the top place after we enter the Astral World, so you need not to worry."

"Well, you should."

Hearing Austin's words made her more or less happy and felt that her efforts would not be in vain.

After all, she had to go through so much just to get these superior herbs. She had a big quarrel with her brother today, and even until now, they were still both angry with each other. She let these thoughts go and left Austin alone to practice.

Austin then folded his sleeves and prepared himself.

"All right. It's time to practice my Immortal Body Refining Formula one more time," he told himself.

With more than nine thousand superior herbs on his hands, this was surely enough for him to cultivate at least one more time.

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