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   Chapter 2029 The Astral World

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Kimberly nodded as she greeted her visitor.

Ever since they met and had so much in common between the two of them, both she and Stacy had become good friends.

Stacy, however, had another purpose in mind. Ignoring Kimberly, she looked at Austin and directly asked, "Martin, you mentioned before that you are also from the East Mainland, right?"

Austin was surprised and confused as to why she suddenly brought this up.

"Well, yes, I did," he replied as he wondered why she asked.

"Do you know someone named Austin Lin?"

As Stacy let it out, she stared at Austin intently, trying to see through every expression on his face.

Austin was shocked at her question, and he almost revealed himself. He immediately composed himself and tried to look like the question wasn't such a big deal.

Still, he could not let go of the thought that Stacy was starting to suspect him.

Austin cleared his throat and replied, "Hmm, well, of course, I did.

He is pretty famous and well-known in our place, so yes, I have heard about him. Why do you ask?"

Stacy narrowed her eyes as she observed his expression. She noticed the slight change, and her eyes immediately lit up in joy.

"Ah, nothing. Oh, also, I heard that you have a purple bow. Would you mind showing it to me?"

Stacy asked, trying to get something substantial from this conversation.

As for Kimberly who was watching in the sidelines, she could not help but furrow her eyebrows in confusion. Hearing Stacy throw these questions at Austin made her curious.

"Stacy, why are you asking these questions?"

Austin's heart skipped a beat and he was quite relieved for Kimberly's interruption. This time, he was certain that Stacy really began to suspect him.

Before Stacy could place more fuel to her suspicions, Austin answered, "Umm, Miss Ren, you see, it's just a low-grade magic treasure.

Nothing important and exceptional. I'm sure that you won't be interested in such a thing."

Then again, Stacy wasn't buying any of it. She decided to make a straightforward move. As she walked closer to Austin, she asked without batting an eyelash. "Tell me the truth, who on earth are you really?"

Austin's body felt the chills as her pleasant, intoxicating smell filled his nose.

'Damn it! Why are women such sensitive creatures?'

he thought deep inside.

Austin pretended to be surprised at this sudden question.

"Umm, I don't understand, Miss Ren.

I'm Martin Xiao.

You already met me and knew my name, did you not?"

Once more, Stacy did not accept his answer. She took another step forward, enough for her delicate body to almost touch Austin. Her sweet fragrance started to embrace him.

"Are you Austin Lin?"

Because of the proximity, Austin had to step back in discomfort.

"Miss Ren, I think you got the wrong

A follower should be obedient to his or her master's orders, but he doesn't act that way. He doesn't act like a follower at all.

He is really different from the other followers, and it looks like I still have to explain everything to him to make him do against his will.'

Having such thoughts, Kimberly wanted to reprimand Austin and put him in his place, but knowing how good he was and how great of a help he would be in the incoming competition, she let these thoughts go. She then heaved a deep sigh before telling him about the sudden change of plans and about the Astral World.

"You see, the Astral World is a secret place from the ancient times.

Some of the great masters even speculated that there were real immortals fighting fiercely there.

Moreover, there are also many mysterious creatures that appear there from time to time.

As far as I know, the Astral World had been sealed for a long time in the past, and later on, people were able to discover about this place and turned it into a place where cultivators can explore."

Nodding slowly, Austin found his interest rising with the information Kimberly told him.

"Furthermore, it is said that just a few thousand years ago, someone had found an incomplete Immortal Scripture in the Astral World.

Later on, that person became one of the best cultivators in the continent, and only a few can match him,"

Kimberly enthusiastically added as soon as she noticed the interest in Austin's expression.

'An incomplete Immortal Scripture!'

These words shocked Austin. As the thought of coming to this place filled his mind, he grew even more excited at coming to this ancient place.

As Kimberly gave a satisfying finish, she smiled at Austin and looked at him, waiting for his answer.

Austin looked at Kimberly, and without hesitation, he asked in surprise, "Are there really immortals in that world?"

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