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   Chapter 2028 Cultivation Done

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At the Blue Dragon School, something interesting happened.

Only one day was left before the new students' competition kicked off. All the new students who had been practicing quietly in seclusion had already decided to come out for that day.

At this moment, Belinda was practicing her martial arts at the peak of a mountain.


The door of the cave at the peak of the mountain was opened violently by a powerful force.

Then a graceful woman came out. It was none other than Belinda.

After three days of closed-door cultivation, Belinda not only made great progress in her vital energy force but also cultivated a secret skill to a greater level.

Moreover, the effectiveness of her comprehensive combat skills had improved noticeably.

Thus, Belinda was in a good mood as she came out of the cave. Actually, she also had high hopes of winning in the coming competition among the new students.

However, when Belinda walked out of the cave and looked up, her facial expression changed dramatically.

The cheerful expression she had a moment ago was now replaced by fright.

It was as if she had seen a ghost.

"Aaahhhhh!" Belinda screamed in shock.

What came into her sight was truly terrifying.

The peak of this mountain used to be a lush greenery and filled with spiritual energy. But now, everything was pitch-black and ugly.

All the trees were gone. Not even a single trace of grass could be seen on the ground.

"What the hell is going on here? Who did this?" screamed Belinda furiously.

She completely lost her temper when this ugly surroundings met her eyes.

"You two hopeless bumpkins, where are you? Come here immediately! You need to tell me everything in details!"

Belinda called out her followers.

However, no matter how hard she screamed, her two followers were still nowhere in sight.

She didn't know that her followers had already escaped from the Blue Dragon School and left the Middle Pilgrim Land.

Meanwhile, the same weird thing also happened at the peak of the mountain where Larry had cultivated.

He had just finished his reclusive cultivation too.

As he looked at the barren peak in front of him, he couldn't control his emotions as well.

"Humph! Who fucked my mountain? How did this happen? Who shall I blame for this?"

Larry screamed in anger but he knew that no one could hear him.

When he realized that he was just wasting his time there, he left and walked straight to the headquarters of the Universe Sect.


Larry thumped the table in front of him and it turned into dust immediately.

"Martin!" he roared.

"You must go to hell!"

Larry was already in the hall of the headquarters of the Universe Sect. He gnashed his teeth in rage and his whole body trembled when he found out that Martin was responsible for everything that happened.

"Larry, we must not let that little shit live any longer! I want him dead thousands of times!" shouted Belinda angrily.

Her beautiful face was distorted by anger.

She also went straight to the Universe Sect when she couldn't find her two followers.

"Don't worry. The Universe Sect won't let him go easily. I assure you of that


What she had just heard from her three followers seemed to be so surreal.

"Yes, I was able to clobber Tam," admitted Austin.

There was a wicked smile on his face.

"Well, in that case, you are awesome! To defeat a man of high rank? That's quite impressive!"

Kimberly praised Austin in all honesty.

However, she was confounded as well.

"Martin, I really don't understand. With your qualifications and your strength, you are definitely qualified to become an official student. But why did you end up just being my follower? Can you explain it to me?"

Kimberly was eagerly waiting for Austin's response. She was hoping that he would confess to her this time.

"It is too complicated. I'd rather not let you know it."

Austin put on a fake smile on his face.

Kimberly, on the other hand, felt disappointed with his response. However, she didn't want to delve deeply into it as well.

"Okay. I won't ask any more," she said with a nod.

"Master, you can't let Martin stay here any longer. He is a troublemaker. For sure, he will only bring you more troubles or even disasters."

"Yes, master. Please send him away at once!"

"As long as Martin is with us, we will not be able to live peacefully here!"

The other three followers tried to persuade Kimberly with their pleading eyes and resentful words.

But unfortunately, she didn't give in.

"That's enough! I don't need you to tell me what to do or what not to do. No more complaints from you guys!"

Kimberly wasn't able to handle her emotions well. She shouted at the other three followers.

The three followers immediately stopped talking, afraid to anger Kimberly even more. But they all glared at Austin secretly.

Austin just shrugged his shoulders and didn't say anything.

"Kim, you have finished your cultivation too!"

Three figures suddenly appeared in the sky. The leader was the extremely beautiful Stacy.

Although she was talking to Kimberly, her eyes were fixed on Austin. Shock and disbelief flashed through her eyes.

Apparently, she had also heard so much about what that follower called Martin had done.

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