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   Chapter 2027 My Master Is Finally Coming Out

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Members of the Universe Sect chose not to take any action to fight Austin.

This decision surprised all the other students of the Blue Dragon School.

They all knew that members of the Universe Sect had always been very arrogant and domineering. They thought highly of themselves and did not accept defeat nicely.

If a disciple offended them, the members of the Universe Sect would demand revenge quickly and fiercely.

Being just a follower, Martin humiliated the Universe Sect greatly. Everyone expected retaliation from members of the Universe Sect. They expected no less than horrible and bloody revenge.

Almost all the disciples expected to witness a fierce battle once again.

To their disappointment, after a day of waiting, they saw no action from the Universe Sect.

Some impertinent disciples even went to the headquarters of the Universe Sect secretly to check if the members were planning something against Martin.

However, they soon realized that the Universe Sect had no intention of exacting revenge on the follower named Martin.

This bothered all the disciples greatly.

"It is unbelievable! I cannot understand why even members of the Universe Sect are afraid of that follower named Martin!

Tam was badly injured, but the Universe Sect did not retaliate at all!"

"For the first time in the long history of the Universe Sect, members keep their cool and do not try to even the score.

To think a mere follower defeated one of their strongest member."

"Damn it! This follower named Martin is so amazing.

Even the Universe Sect dare not confront him!"

The first-level disciple's area of the Blue Dragon School was buzzing with excitement as disciples debated about the matter.

Meanwhile, on the peak where Kimberly was assigned, Austin was taking a leisure walk on the mountain top. The air was fresh and the surrounding area was quiet and mystical.

The three other followers, a man and two women, sat around a stone table on the hillside, whispering among themselves.

They were talking about Austin.

They were all wondering whether the actions of that follower named Martin would cause some trouble to Kimberly.

The three of them did not dare provoke Austin. They did not want to annoy him, so they avoided looking him in the eye.

They were not powerful enough to offend a cultivator who was bold enough to rob money from the other first-level disciples.

With his extraordinary spiritual sense, Austin could hear what the three followers were whispering with each other.

However, Austin was enjoying the mountain peak so much, he did not want to waste his time on them.

Austin strolled leisurely on the mountain peak, thi


"Yes, Mr. Xia."

The young man named Palmer Shi bowed his head and agreed reluctantly. He had wanted to say something, but was afraid he would lose his arm this time.

"Okay, I understand you are Princess Kimberly's brother, but right now she is in the middle of her cultivation, and no one can disturb her.

So, you'd better leave for now, and take this young man with you.

You can come back after she finishes her cultivation,"

Austin said, his tone of voice cold and indifferent.

Austin keenly knew that the young man called Palmer Shi yelled at him and acted rudely on purpose. He knew it was the brother of Kimberly who instructed Palmer Shi to do so. He wanted to test Austin's strength and capabilities.

Therefore, Austin doubted the young man in purple. He was not convinced of his kindness. He knew it was all an act to calm him down.

"Great. Looks like my little sister has a great follower!

I am leaving now, Mr. Xiao!"

The brother of Kimberly was impressed by Austin's demeanor and took his words seriously. After a while, he took a deep breath then smiled. He cupped his fists towards Austin and left with the rest of his people.

The next day.

"Master will finally come out!"

On the peak of the mountain where Kimberly lived, the three followers stood outside the practicing cave and looked at the shaking gate with anticipation. They were filled with joy and were all excited to see Kimberly.

"Great! Master is finally coming out to take charge of whatever situation we will face in the future.

That Martin is a magnet for trouble. Who knows how many more problems and disturbance he will cause!"

The three followers were so overjoyed that finally after a long time they could now count on their master to take care of the situation.

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