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   Chapter 2026 Exposed Identity

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"Yes, he is Austin!

Master Anderson even scolded me because of  him,"

Elder Chris nodded with a bitter smile.


He is an interesting young man.

Also, Austin is an enigmatic guy. There is something about him that would make one wonder.

I guess he must have some very powerful spiritual-soul secret weapons with him.

It's a protective shield or something. Even I could only go as far as sense some parts of his spiritual soul, and I could go no further,"

said the elder with three wisps of long beard.

"Yes, you're right. He is not an ordinary person. I have never seen anybody capable of triggering such abnormal visions on the Talent Stela.

He is naturally gifted and very smart. If we train him well, he could be someone very powerful in the future."

Elder Chris, the man with gray hair, nodded.

"Then what are you waiting for? Tell your men to take him as an official student and focus on training him,"

said the elder with three wisps of long beard.

"No way! Thanks to this little brat, I was scolded by Master Anderson. I can't let him off just like that, with no punishment.

How about we letting him study at the school as a follower, just for the time being? When the time is right, we can enlist him as an official student. How does it sound to you?"

Elder Chris thought about it for a while.

"Well, it's up to you, and it's really none of my business. But if anything goes wrong, Master Anderson will hold you responsible."

The elder with three wisps of beard laughed aloud.

"Don't worry. This is just a trial. Let's see how he will survive as a follower at the school,"

Elder Chris said.


In my opinion, this guy will only cause you a lot of troubles and will piss off many people. He seems to attract trouble wherever he goes,"

the bearded elder replied.

"Well, let nature take its course. We should take this opportunity to stimulate other students and let them know that there is always someone stronger than them. It would be a good thing if we stir up the training a bit, so they would practice harder. As for Austin, he could also serve as a punching bag for some of our strong students,"

Elder Chris said with a smile.

Meanwhile, Austin was inside a hut on the

al arts skills could be worth nothing.

Well, a body refiner like him will not achieve great success.

He does not pose any serious threat to the Universe Sect."

Giles nodded, his face more relaxed.

"So, how should we deal with that brat? Should we gather all our strong warriors to finish him off?"

asked another core member of the Universe Sect who was standing nearby.

Giles gave it some serious thoughts.

"Among us, there are many strong cultivators who rank better than this bastard.

However, some of them are out completing some tasks, while the others are cultivating in seclusion.

For now, tell our men to just stay put and stay out of the way of this bastard. I don't want any more incident like this.

Once Kenneth completes his cultivation, he can finish this Martin guy off.

He ranks 42nd, which means he could easily defeat this Martin,"

Giles said slowly.

"Giles, aren't you ranking 11th and far stronger than Kenneth?

Why don't you just kill that guy? Why should we wait for Kenneth?"

a member asked.

"Humph, do you really think someone with my rank should deal with a nobody like that brat?

Our sect would only be humiliated if people find out that I killed him.

He is just a follower, we need not make a fuss!

I cannot have the Universe Sect humiliated by anybody any more. Do you understand?"

Giles said with an angry voice.

"You're right."

Seeing the wisdom in Giles' words, all members of the Universe Sect nodded in agreement.

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