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   Chapter 2025 He Is Austin

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Steward Lee sent a message to the core area of the Blue Dragon School with his spiritual sense.

The inside of the Blue Dragon School was, in fact, a small world with numerous mountains and high hills.

They were surrounded by boundless rivers, and each of their peaks was covered by a thick and dense spiritual energy. Some of the mountains gleamed in auspicious light, while others were encircled by a vibrant aura of energy.

It was just like a dreamland––a fantastical land filled with ecological and natural resources. Every person who would come here would undoubtedly feel like he was in the hometown of a real fairy.

On every spiritual mountain were buildings, terraces, copper palaces, and giant tablets made of divine gold––all engraved with complex textures.

At this moment, on a tall mountain peak in the core area of the Blue Dragon School, two old men who were about fifty years old were playing chess with each other. With the way they intensely stared at the stone board, it was clearly a heated match.

Suddenly, an old man in a grey shirt and with half white hair received a message by spiritual sense.

It was sent by Steward Lee, who was currently standing before the Power Ranking Stela.

"Oh? Interesting! Interesting! After so many years, another follower broke into the ranking of the Power Ranking Stela."

The old man broke into soft laughter.

"Oh! That is indeed interesting!

Well, you know, a follower can indeed participate in the ranking.

What bugs me is how––as a follower––could he challenge disciples of our school, especially the strong ones on the Power Ranking Stela?

Aside from Marshall Zhou––who had successfully challenged the third-ranked disciple, making him stand out from the rest of his peers––no follower has ever succeeded in putting their names on the Power Ranking Stela for the past couple of hundreds of years.

But now, look! Another one has sprouted.

It is indeed an exciting turnout of events.

I suggest that he needs to be scrutinized. If he is truly talented, we can consider taking him in as a disciple.

After all, our school has always considered taking in outstanding followers a

gradually shrunk.

There was little that it could do to protect his Soul Sea from detection.

Eventually, the two terrible spiritual senses penetrated Austin's body.

They could access only a part of his body though.

The other part of the spiritual tree with higher spiritual soul energy density was still covering some parts of Austin's Soul Sea. Thus the two probing spiritual senses could not enter all his entire body.

Meanwhile, at the top of the mountain in the core area of the Blue Dragon School, those two elders were still fascinated.

"It seems that the guy disguises himself very well. His disguise skill seems to be very brilliant!"

the old man with three wisps of beard said gently.

"It's him!

When did he come to the Blue Dragon School and become a follower?"

the elder with his hair half white said in surprise, almost jumping up.


Do you know this young man named Martin?"

the elder with three wisps of beard asked with a stunned look on his face.

"Yes, of course, I know him.

Do you remember the time when Master Anderson came to our school and scolded me?

It was all because of this young man.

It looks like he entered the Blue Dragon School. Well, this is very surprising,"

the elder with grey hair and beard said with a bitter smile.

"Is he the infamous Austin from the East Mainland?"

the elder with three wisps of long beard asked with epiphany and excitement.

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