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   Chapter 2024 Blackmail Formal Students

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"Martin, you're no more than a follower. If you continue to do this, aren't you afraid that you'll be treated like an outcast? Are you stupid?"

"You're right. As a follower, just study harder and make the best of your school life.

Don't be so conceited. Sooner or later that will cause your expulsion from the Blue Dragon School."

All the trainees yelled at Austin and bridled at him.

As full-fledged formal students they thought of themselves superior and looked down upon the followers.

They didn't expect themselves to be confronted with a follower who forced them to bend and bow down.

"I value the opportunity to study here. Thus, I've decided to obey the rules and do as what a follower is asked to do.

A good and responsible follower should protect his master's private premises from covetous stares.

Now you and your companions have broken into Princess Kimberly's territory. Of course I just can't let you go.

So cut the crap.

Pay the price of your irreverence before you can leave,"

Austin said coldly. With a stoic face, he readied a large arrow with purple light emitting majestic power on the Invincible Bow in his hand.

Each student could tell that the purple bow was a powerful magic treasure.

Moreover, Austin's power and fighting skill made them realize that he was astonishingly powerful and no one could match him.

"What do you want?"

a student tentatively asked.

"Well, it's easy. How about giving me some money or resources for cultivation. I prefer some rarely-seen treasures or weapons,"

Austin voiced with a smile.

"How dare you! You're just an insignificant bastard. Know your place here. Don't be ridiculous!

I'm going to complain to the disciplinary commission."

One of the students shouted back at him.

"Go ahead and do that.

If you have the guts, go and complain!"

Austin retorted with a cold glare.

Shoop, Shoop, Shoop

A dozen purple light arrows rained in the air, roaring and shooting towards the students

The Invincible Bow had broken its eighth-level restrict

l us in broad daylight."

Many students nursed bitterness in their hearts.

Austin made a brief adjustment to the number of Space Rings.

The money in the rings added up to a large amount which could be some hefty resources for cultivation.

This time, the other three followers who had been hiding in the forest covetously stared at Austin.

"Am I delusional?

Martin dared blackmail those formal students, and many of them are actually first level students!"

"This is so horrible!"

"The situation is getting worse. I'm afraid that Martin has caused big trouble for our master."

The three followers trembled with fear.

"Ha ha, I have made a hefty profit today."

Paying no attention to the three coveters, Austin moved his body and returned to his hut.

Far away, at the Blue Dragon School, an ordinary looking middle-aged man was standing in front of the Power Ranking Stela and looking at Martin's name. It was ranked the 60th.

"It's strange. I have investigated Martin. He is no more than a follower.

Is it possible that even a follower's name could be listed at the Power Ranking Stela?

Well, this matter is very unusual. As a steward, I can't ignore it. I have to report it to Elder Chris."

The middle-aged man was confounded as he murmured to himself.

It turned out that this middle-aged man was a steward of the Blue Dragon School.

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