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   Chapter 2023 The Private Territory Is Inviolable

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Many disciples flocked to the space in front of the towering Power Ranking Stela of the Blue Dragon School.

Each of them stared at the name "Martin Xiao" carved on the stela and wondered who it was.

After a long moment of discussion, they finally believed that he must be a low-key first level disciple, who had gone off the radar while practicing hard for many years. Perhaps after making a lot of breakthroughs, he had finally gone public, challenged Tam successfully and won the 60th place in the stela.

The Power Ranking Stela was extremely important among all the disciples of the Blue Dragon School. The fact that Tam had been outranked meant something big for all the cultivators there.

Every disciple of the Blue Dragon School, including core disciples, the first level and second level disciples, was qualified to compete for the ranking on the stela.

But of course, due to their seniority and a long time of training, most of the first level disciples had ranked higher than the second level ones.

Although the second level disciples had the qualifications to participate in the ranking competition, they were definitely not able to compete with the first level disciples.

Before today, on the Power Ranking Stela, the top 100 disciples had been all the first level disciples.

The disciples of the four major schools were divided into three levels: second level, first level, and core disciples.

The new disciples belonged to the second level.

There were a total of more than two thousand second level and first level disciples in the Blue Dragon School.

If anyone could rank 60th place on the stela, his fighting power was definitely among the top.

So, now that a man named Martin suddenly appeared and got himself a place on the stela, it naturally caused quite a stir in the entire school.

However, as those disciples amazingly discussed in front of the Power Ranking Stela, several of the disciples' Contact Jade Slips suddenly trembled and emitted a bright light.

Taking it out, they used their spiritual sense to check the message from the slip.

As soon as they got the message, their expressions suddenly turned sullen. All of them were utterly petrified.

"Guys, stop guessing! Martin isn't a mysterious first level discip

power of the Mantra of Six Words. Its power was like a thunderbolt from a blue sky that struck the area, causing a frightening buzz on every warrior's ear.

Then, Austin used his self-innovated bodily movement skills and soon disappeared in the air.

The next moment, he flashed in the distance, standing in the way of the intruders who were trying to leave.

More than this, he suddenly took out the Invincible Bow and drew it as fast as lightning.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

Numerous arrows of purple light were shot out, blocking everyone's way.

Not long ago, he had broken the eighth restriction of the Invincible Bow and gained new power. Together with Magic Archery and his powerful physical strength, the power of the Invincible Bow was enough to directly threaten a cultivator at the Major-perfection Realm!

Even an ordinary cultivator at the Major-perfection Realm wouldn't be able to resist the Invincible Bow head on!

Suddenly, all the intruders were forced to retreat and halt on their way.

"You can't run away.

I've already memorized everyone's aura and looks with my spiritual sense power. If you plan to flee like this, I'll go to each of your cultivation peaks and settle everything we need to.

Humph! A private territory is sacred and inviolable. Since you have invaded the territory of Princess Kimberly, you have to pay the corresponding price!

Otherwise, this will never be over!"

Austin held the Invincible Bow and scanned the crowd with his cold and frightening eyes.

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