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   Chapter 2022 The Change Of The Power Ranking Stela

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Tam swung his fists at Austin with overwhelming power.

With terribly wild energy, it rushed straight at Austin, crushing everything.

Before the terrible attack, Austin's slender body appeared so weak as his clothes fluttered.

"The Heavenly Wrath Fist is like the wrath of God — it can defeat and trample everything. It's really terrifying!"

"The follower is so dead. General students can't resist this kind of terrifying attack, not to mention a mere follower."

"Now, the only thing is to watch that follower being killed in an instant. Perhaps he could resist it, but it won't be long before he drops dead.

The Heavenly Wrath Fist consists of eight moves with one more terrifying than the other.

If Tam plays the eighth move of the Heavenly Wrath Fist, no opponent could match his level now."

The students around clearly knew something about Tam's Heavenly Wrath Fist. Pointing at Austin, they discussed something and believed that he couldn't resist it.

'Well, then let's see if my physical strength can withstand the Heavenly Wrath Fist or not, '

Austin thought to himself, even challenging himself.

Perhaps it was the perfect time for him to show all of them his true capabilities.

After Austin's physical strength was released, the endless illusory flames began to ablaze. Then, countless blood energy dragons appeared around him.

His violent physical force spread all around, making the whole space shake violently. The air was blasted continuously under pressure, which stirred an extreme hurricane.


Austin's right arm enlarged in an instant, turning into a gigantic arm which was as thick as a dragon. When he threw his punch, he didn't use any vital energy force but only his physical strength.


With a blaring sound, the mountains fell, and the ground cracked.

The two men's fists collided head-on, causing the air to explode.

All the space around them was compressed in a second before bursting at high speed.

In a flash, the weather turned cloudy, and the wind blew everywhere.

Specks of dust engulfed them thoroughly.

All the people around fell silent, wondering who would get the last laugh in that battle.

After the dust dissipated, Austin and Tam stood calmly as if they had never fought.

"What? What's going on? The follower is still alive. Look, he was not even hurt, not a single bit.

This is strange."

"It looks like a draw."

"So, the follower was really able to resist one move of Tam's Heavenly Wrath Fist!"


He is just a follower. How could he take Tam's one attack!

This is such a piece of big news for our school!"


The two figures stood still, and the terrifying wave of energy seemed to disappear in an instant. Suddenly, everything was gone.

Austin and Tam's fists were clenched together.

"What happened?"

Everyone stared at the two figures in the sky and wondered who won.

Their fists were still clenched for a while as the spectators' eyes were glued on them.


To everyone's astonishment, Tam was knocked by a great force and flew away. A sound of bones cracking was heard from his body.

Then, his body was smashed heavily against the ground, creating a human-shaped hole.

With his mouth bleeding, he couldn't get up in a short time.

The result was all clear.

Tam was defeated and severely injured!

The whole place fell into a dead silence, much like a ghost town. Only the slight gush of wind was heard from a distance.

No one had ever thought that it would end like this.

A follower defeated a man who ranked sixtieth on the Power Ranking Stela.

Meanwhile, as Tam laid severely beaten on the ground, first-level students gathered on the towering stone tablet.

"What happened? Look! The Power Ranking Stela seems to have changed!"

"Let's go and see which master was defeated and lost his ranking."

Immediately, many first-level students exercised their bodily movement skills and came to the Power Ranking Stela.

"Tam, who ranked sixtieth, has now ranked sixty-first!

A guy named Martin ranked sixtieth now!"

"What? Martin?!

Who is this guy?"

"I've never heard of him. Is he a cultivator who was always off the radar? Is he a black horse in this school?"

Many first-level students stood in front of the enormous Power Ranking Stela and intriguingly discussed the sudden change in the ranking.

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