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   Chapter 2021 The Strong Cultivator At The Power Ranking Stela

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 8236

Updated: 2020-02-01 00:03

"Look! Tam is now the one leading the group of the Universe Sect. It's unbelievable!"

"Yeah, that's really Tam!"

"Tam is one of the best cultivators of the Power Ranking Stela in our school. He is not an ordinary cultivator. But he personally came to pursue a new follower. Is that follower really that important?

Maybe that follower is really powerful."

"Since Tam is here, I guess that follower who provoked the Universe Sect must be really something."

"Ha-ha! This is interesting. I can't wait to see them facing each other!"

Many students of the Blue Dragon School recognized the tall young man who was leading the team.

At that time, more than ten members of the Universe Sect were surrounding the mountain where Kimberly was cultivating.

"Martin Xiao, get your butt over here right now! You loser! Get down on your knees and prepare for your punishment!" shouted a member of the Universe Sect furiously.

He stepped forward and roaring sound waves came towards the mountain.

Sand and stones suddenly flew all over the mountain and all trees swayed with the strong winds.

Rippling waves of white energy coming from the array appeared in front of the cave where Kimberly was cultivating. The waves of white energy protected the cave.

The profound Isolation Arrays set up by array experts were also made in front of the cave where the students were practicing.

It was very dangerous for a cultivator to be disturbed when in the middle of cultivation because it might slow down the cultivation progress. At worst it might end up to energy deviation and the cultivator would die on the spot.

That was the reason why the top-level administrators of the Blue Dragon School agreed to provide each student with a powerful Isolation Array. They didn't mind spending a lot of money for it as long as they could guarantee the safety of their students.

At this point, the tall thin man and the two girls who were Kimberly's followers saw that so many people from the Universe Sect had already surrounded the mountain where they were. They got so scared that their legs buckled visibly.

They gathered together and hid in a dense jungle on the top of the mountain. They were trembling with fear as they looked out.

"What should we do?" asked the tall thin man in a trembling voice.

"Shall we wake our master up and let her handle these people?"

"No, we can't. Before master started her training, she told me tha

He was wondering what that ranking meant.

However, while Austin was still deeply absorbed in thought, Tam had already made a move.

Austin was just staring at Tam absently.

All of a sudden, he heard loud noises that were coming out of Tam's body.

It sounded like a rumbling thunder.

People nearby felt terrified. The sound gave them a feeling that gods were enraged and would bring disaster to the world in any minute. The sky and the earth shook. Dark clouds gathered above the mountains.

At this time, Tam looked grave. He gave off a powerful vibe. This made the people around more convinced that he could deal with this new follower very easily.

"You will die!"

Tam roared and swung at Austin from a distance.

His fist was so terrifying. In an instant, the sky was filled with fist radiance and the void shook dramatically. Apparently, Tam's will to defeat Austin made him more aggressive and added power to his attack.

"That was the Heavenly Wrath Fist!"

"I can't believe that Tam will use that skill."

"Tam seems to really take Martin seriously."

"No wonder he ranks sixtieth on the Power Ranking Stela. He is indeed strong!"

"It is said that once a cultivator masters the Heavenly Wrath Fist, he can distract his enemy with the roaring blast and make him surrender without resisting at all."

The students around them once again expressed their thoughts. They couldn't help but marvel at the skill that Tam had displayed.

'Hmm... This guy seems to be really powerful, ' remarked Austin inwardly.

He couldn't deny the fact that he also marveled at the skill that Tam had shown.

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