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   Chapter 2020 These People Are Annoying

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"How dare you!"

All five members from the Universe Sect were shocked by the terrifying energy that the sound wave emitted.

To avoid the attack, they retreated a few steps back in panic.

The people around were all also stunned at this scene.

'This Martin guy is too powerful. He could even force five first-level students to step back with just a mere shout.

Is he really just a follower?' they all thought in curiosity.

In reality, Austin could triumph over first-level students from the four top martial arts schools.

Henry was a first-level student in the White Tiger School. Although he was considered strong in his school, he was utterly defeated by Austin.

That indicated that Austin was a match and at par with the outstanding first-level students of the four top schools.

Although those five men from the Universe Sect were first-level students in the Blue Dragon School, they were not the best among that group.

They were, in fact, no match for Austin at all.

At this time, Austin had come out of his own hut.

"One, two..." he counted indifferently while walking up to them slowly in the air.

This demeaning attitude only pissed off the five members of the Universe Sect.

"You're just a lame follower. How dare you be so cocky? Go to hell!" one of them who wore a green robe yelled, rushing towards Austin without hesitation.

This young man released all his vital energy force, manipulating it to attack Austin.

At the same time, he emitted a horrifying and savage aura, enveloping his entire body.

Then, countless green massive rocks materialized out of thin air and flew towards Austin.

The sky rumbled, and the space quivered with the impact.

"Well, the first-level students are indeed much stronger.

But you still have a long way to go if you want to be my opponent,"

Austin murmured with a smile.

"Fuck off!"

Suddenly, Austin released his physical strength, and a blazing illusory fire rose all over his body. At the same time, his arms enlarged and turned very thick.

Without any warning, he hit the young man in a green robe wi

of competitions among students, and that was how they trained their students.

Therefore, as long as the formal students were not killed, the senior management of the school would not intervene.

With his trump cards––especially the Slave Tower and Brady––no one could pose a threat to Austin, except for the great master of the Immortal Transforming Realm.

Austin wouldn't be kind to those who provoked him.

Soon, a dozen members from the Universe Sect reached the mountain where Kimberly cultivated. The one in charge of the group was a tall, hunky young man.

This tall young man waved his hand, and the other members of the Universe Sect surrounded the mountain instantly.

Besides the people from the Universe Sect, there was also a horde of onlookers waiting to see what would happen.

Among those onlookers, most were followers, and some were new students.

Even a bunch of first-level students were curious at the impending turnout of events.

"This is getting interesting! I can't believe the Universe Sect sent so many people here just to catch a follower.

This has never happened before in our school."

"Exactly. I'd like to know what kind of person that follower is. He even has the balls to mess with the Universe Sect."

Many first-level students conversed. All of them were apparently intrigued at the identity of the young man, who stirred a ruckus in the Universe Sect.

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